Resistance 3: Exclusive Interview

NowGamer: Insomniac's Resistance 3 writer Jon Paquette and lead designer Drew Murray reveal exclusive new details about the sci-fi shooter...

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dangert122701d ago

Man i can't wait for this game it's the first fps series where i have followed the story properly and enjoyed i hope resistance 3 keeps the seriousness feel of R2 and make it Gritty like R1 but then the online Gameplay is well balanced and not OTT and mayhem but halo fun that would make this game perfect IMO

sinncross2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

I'm loving the idea that not all of the Chimeria are part of the unfieid military force, but rather created their onw little clans so to speak.
I hope thsi translate well in to the game.

And I hope we fight soem Cloven. i'm just afriad that the story may become a Humans+ CLoven/ Native Chimeria team up or something... that would be incredibly lame.

Everything must want to be killing humans: not that si tension for you!

Secondly, I am also concerned about Co-op . I am glad that campaign co-op is back (and splitscreen/ online) because fans were dismayed at it nto being in R2. But what about R2 campaign? Sure it si rough around the edges, but with refinement R2's co-op could be amazingly awesome, and is one fo the best parts of R2. I'm dissapointed that are dropping it... culd add so much more life oto what si shaping up as an awesome FPS.

darkdoom30002701d ago

the co-op was cool. but got old pretty fast.

King_many_layers2701d ago

i've got to admit, even though the Co-Op was rinse and repeat I think it worked really well. It was great fun, I think it was the most enjoyable part and am really gutted that it isn't returning.

You really had to rely on a well rounded team to get through, especially on SuperHuman. I agree that it merely needed refinement. Maybe slightly less players and more agressive troops.

ajeben8092701d ago

i think the reason they're not including co-op for resistance 3 is because ratchet & clank all 4 one is coming out around the same time and that is a co-op only game

aCasualGamer2701d ago

The story is sounding really interesting, and a bit more towards Resistance1 feel if you look at the art. Resistance 2 had a "good" storyline but not that great.

I loved the first Resistance and I remember putting it in the first time I hooked up my PS3 with my older brother and we just played through the single player campaign in splitscreen, it was pure action throughout the campaign. Probably the best coop experience I've had since I started my gaming.

When they released R2 i think they had too much in mind, they wanted everything. Biggest online, biggest coop, huge singleplayer. If they focused on Singleplayer only and then tried to incorporate coop later into the campaign mode i think they'd had a similar feeling as the first.

Online multiplayer got too big in R2, in Resistance1 i think it was pure genius, the best multiplayer experience in any FPS. It was a mix of the fun in Halo multiplayer and the strategic modes of Call of duty. Greatest sniper weapon of all games IMO! So much fun!

The things I want in Resistance 3 are, long singleplayer (big set pieces should be more polished and have a lot of detail) the two player coop from R1 (have different outcome in the MAIN story when playing splitscreen/online coop, in the way that cutscenes change accordingly i.e. instead of Capelli being alone in the cutscenes you'd see the other player as well helping him out), same fun multiplayer of R1 (the level design should be exactly like R1 style and have some old maps return WITHOUT modification, same fun sniper without lock on)


The most important thing I think is needed in every coop mode is puzzles, the huge lack of brainteasers in coop is crazy, sorry not brainteasers i mean brainsweaters. We need some real puzzles in gaming. Huge puzzles that take more than 2 sec to figure out.

If anyone can do this it's Insomniac! These guys are talented!

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Quagmire2701d ago

They were some of the greatest sections in R1

darkdoom30002701d ago

Resistance has turned into an interesting franchise- as that each game feels different.
R2 felt totally different from R:FOM. and now R3 sounds like it going in its own direction.

Equinoxe_72701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

Liked the first one, haven't played the second but I didn't liked the direction.

Oh I tried the muliplayer beta for res 2, not my cup of tea.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2701d ago

they have to make him a plot twist of some kind.

Quagmire2701d ago

Hale is the new Daedalus

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