Killzone 3: 11 Minutes of Pure Awesomeness

Watch ten minutes of pure Killzone 3 beta footage:

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dangert122849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

This plays and looks like COD and BFBC in killzone styled levels, soldiers andgame modes

sadly i did't get into the beta even though i downloaded the theme it straight away =( so i can't say much about it

but the loading screen when selecting classes and weapons says battlefield all over and i prefer killzone 2's 2bh with you

how the ribbons pop up remind me of cod and the score on screen per kill etc

GG need to make a way you can reverse meelee's maybe a quick time button mash like gears of war when you both try to chainsaw gun each other

oh and GG add more recoil sort it out

hope this games big i was more excited before
before people told me how much its not like killzone and killzone 2 is my fav game online when played in tournaments as it real tense and strategic etc

raztad2849d ago

Disagree. Kz3 doesnt play like CoD. But it is more accessible than KZ2 and that is a good thing. A couple of fixes like more recoil and bullet spread would make the game perfect.

DigitalAnalog2849d ago

Seriously, they should address that, as well as the "aim-assist". This isn't a by-product before the next COD.

-End statement

Fishy Fingers2849d ago

Pretty confident the recoil will be addressed, it's basically been the one big issue to come out of the beta so far, and that is exactly the aim of the beta.

raztad2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Yeah the recoil will be fixed, no doubts, I dont think it will be KZ2 level tho.

Bullet spread is a big issue as well. You can pick the SMG, the LMG and snipe someone from afar. Ridiculous. That happen because when ADS-ing, weapons have no recoil (so you can spam the trigger) and bullets hit EXACTLY where you are aiming.

There are other little details. Like EXOs autoaim. It doesnt make sense. With such a high rate of fir auto assist is something you dont need.

cyborg69712849d ago

There is no aim assit its just like kz2

SkylineR2849d ago

I agree. COD has definitely influenced KZ3 when you look at the load out screen. Career, Primary & secondary weapon, type of explosive, skill - all correspond to Class, primary & secondary weapon, type of grenade and your perk. It's not a bad thing, but interesting to note it's almost the same.
In the game the points per kill, type of kill and killstreaks are all COD cues too.

Looks pretty good though. If it's as addictive as COD it'll provide another good online fps.


And still, KZ3 is a lot better then.

BulletToothtony2849d ago

imo you're a recent player.. and most shooters would look like cod to you...

maybe even counter strike...

killzone does not play like cod.. not one bit

Stewie2k82849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I think the recoil is fine and the bullets do spread a lot... although the LMG damage is too high, like 3 bullets and your dead.

MariaHelFutura2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

"although the LMG damage is too high, like 3 bullets and your dead."

Hey, In real life you could probably only take 1-2 from an LMG w/o it being instant death. LOL.

Fox012849d ago

In real life you don't respawn when you die.

Boody-Bandit2849d ago

I bring people back to life all the time in Battlefield playing a medic. Which is the same way you can be brought back to life in reality. ;)

asmith23062849d ago

Im in the beta. Its awesome! raztad is right: it doesn't play like CoD. Its Killzone through and through, its just more accessible.

Equinoxe_72849d ago

i like tomato, i really don't know if im buying Killzone 3, Killzone 2 was o.k

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