Reminder - PSN Goes Down Today For Maintenance - October 28th

"Just a word of reminder. The PSN will be down today for maintenance."

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ZombieAssassin2700d ago

Looks like i'll be playing Kz2 and UT3 with some bots.

WildArmed2700d ago

I still don't know why people assume they won't be able to play online..
You just won't be able to access the PStore, Account Management and PS Home.
The maintenance really has nothing to do w/ online MP functionality.

I figured everyone would have known this by now.
I mean they only say it in every article ;)

ZombieAssassin2700d ago

It says on the ps blog "and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN"...I usually have that problem.

WildArmed2700d ago

Ah, but if you are logged in when the maintenance starts you should be fine.
I've had that issue once in awhile, but nothing a few log in tries couldn't fix ^^

Well, gluck signing on ;)

CZert2700d ago

I aint able to login..

WildArmed2700d ago

Oh? I was just online playing some MAG.
Just finished Happy hour.

Anyways, I gotta get back to work :(
G'luck signin on for ppl having issues.

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Christopher2700d ago

Great. New wave of 'PSN update does something horribly wrong to my PS3' and 'What hidden features might be in place for this maintenance?' articles.

Hellsvacancy2700d ago

Its down :-( was tryin get the Fallout Vegas Classic pack dlc that i got with the game, but its down

Snack_Raccoon2700d ago

This'll keep me off MAG and CoD and make sure that I get that Little Big Planet level finished.

Serjikal_Strike2700d ago

to play Hannah Montana game and get that Platinum Trophy!!!

TreMillz2700d ago

wow just wow...if youre joking.....still wow.

BannedForNineYears2700d ago

I don't care, I've got so much homework.
Why am I even on N4G saying I have homework if I have homework?! D:
I hate you, N4G. >:[

johover1122700d ago

....sounds like a personal problem lol. jk

WildArmed2700d ago

I don't think you are alone in this situation.
I was up till 7am last night 'studying' for my final exam.. but i spent most of my time on N4G D:
I haz issues.
(on bright side, i did surprisingly well on the exam <3 )