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Yesterday's release of Criterion's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit demo serves to remind us that when it comes to cross-platform development, the Guildford-based studio is in a class of its own. Everything about the demo suggests that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the new racer are almost totally identical.

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raztad2820d ago

"Framebuffer analysis suggests that Hot Pursuit is running at native 720p with 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing on both platforms. However, Criterion has some seriously impressive tech going on with regards reducing aliasing over and above the advantages brought about by the MSAA."

Weird, I found the game jagged. Could have sworn it got no AA applied. That was actually the only thing that disappointed me from the demo. I hope EA devels incorporate MLAA in their upcoming PS3 SKUs.

Looks like both versions are essentially the same. Expected. Platform parity is a non-issue when the devel known what to do and game is no a port from the xbox.

DigitalAnalog2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Looking at Eurogamer's previous "GOW AA coming to PC/360", I don't think 3rd party developers are too keen using PS3's native GOWAA and may resort to the "custom built MLAA for the 360" (once it's completed) just to give the 360 games the limelight.

Notice how relunctant Crysis II and SWTFU:II devs when it comes to the GOWAA just so they can brag about their their "own" DLAA and the like.

Hope I'm wrong on this one.

-End statement

raztad2820d ago

I know exactly what you mean, that is something I've been thinking of.

I understand multiplatform devels would prefer a common solution to the AA issue, so expectedly they are not prone to use MLAA, although it is already in their PS3 SDKs. That is a bummer considering MLAA trounces DLAA in terms of image quality. Cant say anything about Crytek temporal AA solution.

I dont mind if a devel uses a different AA solution but it has to be a quality one. Clearly 2xMSAA is not enough and the look of those beautiful crafted cars in Hot Pursuit suffers because of it.

DigitalAnalog2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

They can use the "alternative" AA solution to the 360 but at least give the PS3 users the courtesy of a native solution specifically designed for the cell. Surely, they had no problems bringing games like RDR to 720P native for the 360 due to the simplicity of it's hardware yet sub-HD on the PS3. Going by this logic, why can't they give the benefits (that probably took eons of research) that is ALREADY available to the PS3?

The games just have to be identical not EXACT due to the different architectual designs. That's just selfishly limiting one's consoles abilities in preference to another. And not using GOWAA (a standard which now puts PS3's upcoming exclusives in the frontline of technical mastery) is a plain disservice to the PS3 users. ESPECIALLY when we uaually get the butt-end of the stick when it comes to multi-plats.

It's understandable they do not have the resources to utilize the PS3 to the best of it's abilities but come on, REFUSING to have a once-in-a-lifetime golden pass to make their games on the PS3 more visually appealing (without extra costs)??

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Chaos Striker2820d ago

The article that Eurogamer - Digital Foundry wrote highlights the issues associated with GOW3's MLAA solution. Those issues are a primary reason why MLAA isn't implemented/implementable in many of the games out there. Hence, developers still use MSAA or other custom methods to overcome those issues. This is also the reason why game programmers/engineers are looking to create a more flexible solution that can be applied across all mediums - PS3, 360, and PC.

raztad2820d ago

Those issues are associated to PC and xbox.

MLAA works more than well on PS3. Proof is LBP2 is getting it and also KZ3. KZ3 beta (alpha code) has a very nice AA.

Chaos Striker2820d ago

Actually, I might have pointed to the wrong article. The one concerning LucasArts' tech as well as an engineer for Battlefield Bad Company 2 both indicated that MLAA has issues with adjusting subpixel aliasing as well as alpha textures (fences, telephone Poles, etc.). There are also additional issues that LucasArts pointed out that I do quite understand how to explain since I am not an expert in the field. If you refer to that article you will get a good idea of why certain developers opt not to use it.

ShinMaster2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I agree. The PS3 is able to handle MLAA quite well. I wasn't aware of any issues that the Xbox/PC has with it.
Which is why I'm guessing they won't be using it for multiplatform games much.

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I think I know which one I like better.

DigitalAnalog2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Referring to those articles you've given, you have to understand that GOW AA has ONLY been released to the PS3's SKU fairly recently. This doesn't mean "other" means of MLAA has been tested on the PS3 (such as the Saboteur). Bad Company devs and Lucas Arts must be talking about their own experience regarding that issue and NOT the GOW AA associated with the PS3.

GOWIII is living proof that this bespoke AA is the best the PS3 has to offer. And right now, there is nothing but substantial proof that future PS3 exclusives are looking better with this new tech.

Take a gander on the DLAA LucasArts tried to use on their game. Did the AA look better than GOWIII? It didn't seem like that to me at least.

Going on your quote:

"MLAA has issues with adjusting subpixel aliasing as well as alpha textures (fences, telephone Poles, etc."

Then according to you, Killzone 3 is going to have a METRIC ton on problems, since the game would definitely have fences, poles and other similar objects.

If you read EG article, you can see that MLAA is not "universal" (check Saboteur), there is a HUGE difference between the tech SONY uses and just standard MLAA (which is why I refered to it as GOW AA). MLAA has already been here long before that but it could never match up to native MSAA. The only reason why ATI engineers are looking into this for the 360/PC because it is the one solution that DOESN'T use too much resources.

-End statement

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Antan2820d ago

Props to Criterion! Everyone wins. Really digging the demo. Chuckling at some of the comments in the Lens Of Truth article from yesterday. Die hards on both sides bickering over superiority when clearly both are awash.