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Submitted by Zones 1929d ago | news

Nintendo Sinks Into the Red for First Half

AP - Nintendo sank into the red for the fiscal first half, battered by a rising yen that hurts exports and plunging sales as demand for its game machines ran out of steam.

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co., which makes Pokemon and Super Mario video games, reported Thursday a loss of 2.01 billion yen ($24.7 million) for the April-September period. (Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii)

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EYEamNUMBER1  +   1929d ago
sometimes it can seem really annoying how money (referring to all money) is up 1 second then down the next then up and so on
qface64  +   1929d ago
yeah ive always wanted to travel but with the way money just goes up and down i wouldn't get anywhere

1 currency world is only a dream
perfectCarbonara  +   1929d ago
Wrong, the dream is money being taken out of the equation permanently.

It only causes trouble.
qface64  +   1929d ago
hey at least my dream has a chance of happening (not in my lifetime and then some) but possibly one day its better than a no money world and its 0% chance that's just fantasy
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EYEamNUMBER1  +   1929d ago
why did you change the story?
this wasn't the story i saw when i commented
SMW  +   1929d ago
Oh im gonna f***ing enjoy this!
CrazyForGames  +   1929d ago
lol wow that sounds really sad
SMW  +   1929d ago
Oh come on! As a gamer I feel Nintendo should be run into the ground. They are single handedly responsible for the pussification of gaming.
CrazyForGames  +   1929d ago
and you call yourself a gamer?
did you just start gaming? nintendo did this in the past on the NES and it pretty much saved gaming they have done it in the past why is it a new thing now?

considering all the innovations nintendo has brought to the gaming world
your saying they should be run into the ground just because YOU don't like them?

you don't sound like a gamer you just like a straight up fanboy retard lol
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Muletroid  +   1929d ago
i actually agree with crazy that's a really retarded thing to say if i don't like something you know what i do?
I AVOID IT wishing for something to be run into the ground? come on now
dannybohy  +   1929d ago
What innovations?. oh the Wii remote! woop de do! ive had a remote control for over 2 decades.
apart from that what have they done?...... thats right, nowt. They just keep producing consoles for children/women and grown ups who cant handle demanding games. I place there consoles one tiny step up from Vtech consoles.
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Nihilism  +   1929d ago
The only reason 90% of people here on this site got into gaming is because Nintendo makes amazing games like Mario and Zelda.

If MS and Sony had their way they would drive the console industry into the ground fighting over who had the best generic TPS games. Nintendo has kept gaming alive for a long time and they will continue to drag Sony and MS kicking and screaming as they continue to innovate.

I sold my Wii because I hated the games, but you cannot deny that Nintendo takes far more risks than the other in the name of innovation.

"Blow it out your ass"


SC came out in 1998, I was 13y.o then, my gaming cherry was popped long before that.
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RememberThe357  +   1929d ago
I guess I'm in that other 10%. StarCraft really got me into gaming, but it was Devil May Cry that sealed the deal.
CrazyForGames  +   1929d ago
you must have started gaming this generation to only mention the wii mote
for that matter i wonder if you even know what innovation actually is
darkequitus  +   1929d ago
Yep, I'm in the other 10%
It was collecovision, C64 for me.
Game-ur  +   1929d ago
Let's not forget Sega Amiga MSX Atari, they all played their part
nycredude  +   1929d ago
Commodore 128 and Atari got me into gaming, Nintendo got me more into it and Sony completed it. Along the way I had flings with Turbo Graphic 16 and Dreamcast.

Nintendo were great back in the days but these day they don't bring anything to the table that interest me. I guess I outgrew it.
Highlife  +   1929d ago
intellivision got me started. Nintendo was great. Then moved on to sega. Made the mistake of getting the 3do. after that it has been all playstation. Nintendo, i guess i grew up and you didn't.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   1929d ago
Sounds to me like a certain SMW is having a hard time beating Bowser..
seinfan  +   1929d ago
"en jew cawl jurzelf uh gaymur?"

Enough with that shit. Nobody has to like every damn option on the market. There's a reason why there's more than one company making a console.
qface64  +   1929d ago
that's true but when you really want an entire game company to go under/bankrupt simply just because you don't like the product then the last thing you should call yourself is a gamer
N4GAddict  +   1929d ago
They need 3DS
Cloudberry  +   1929d ago
I need money.
So I could buy 3DS & it's games.
imvix  +   1929d ago
Nintendo bet the farm on casuals. They milked that market and now are making losses.

I beleive Sony and Microsoft are a bit late to the party. They were making losses on the hardcore front and saw Nintendo reaping profits. But now it seems the casuals have had enough of motion controls. Casuals really dont care about graphics hence that wouldnt be a selling point for Microsoft or Sony.

Will be exciting to see what motion gaming holds for both these companies.
Seferoth75  +   1929d ago
What a moron... They are buying parts for the 3DS and guess what happens when they do that? Since they are not selling the 3DS all those parts count as a loss..

I am glad you are a Sony fan. Yeah it was obvious by the fact you are a moron.

Barely enough brain cells to write but not comprehend = Sony fan without a doubt
imvix  +   1929d ago
Lol you should do your accounting, buying parts = building stocks.. stocks doesnt = loss.

As for calling me a Sony fan check my posting history. Dont think i am the blind fanboy who invests in outdated console tech.
DJMarty  +   1929d ago
What complete bollocks,

Casuals have got sick of Wii's lame graphics, they jumping ship to the HD consoles. The HD console even have better motion controls, so its an upgrade aswell. Thats the reason Nintendo sales ae taking a dive.
Muletroid  +   1929d ago
wow you really think casuals actual casuals care about graphics? LOL!!!
jay2  +   1929d ago
Ouch, Better join the HD, real console soon.
Nihilism  +   1929d ago
Can I offer you a stick of Play Beyond(TM) gum? it's ass flavoured but you should be used to the taste by now.
N4OGs  +   1929d ago
If i dont enjoy somethingI run it into the ground because usually if I dont like something
Its usually because the company is doing something stupid. Nintendo is very stupid. All they had to do is listen to what people want and give it to them. I didnt want a epic yawn game. I wanted a kirby ultra star 2. I didnt want to wait 6 months for pokemon black while japan is playing it and having fun, now i probably wont buy that game. Nintendo has the idea of not doing what the people who feeds there fat arse want them to and it will only bite them in the butt. With the types of games nintendo makes which is low graphics, low tech, low Ai basically ps2/ gamecube style games all games should be world wide release and they should be able to make a lot more of the games we want then they are. Nintendo gots this crazy idea that they can just bring one good game every 4 months. Im sorry but if sony can bring more exclusives then that using ground braking tech for consoles then nintendo should be able to with low old tech. Earthbound should be brung to the other territorys and they need to put that shi7 on the wii console. They putting to many games on the dang ds.
Muletroid  +   1929d ago
nintendo gave people what they said they wanted during the gamecube and they got shafted for it in the end ya know

on a side note
nintendo can't legally bring earthbound out at least not outside japan in order to bring earthbound outside japan they would have to pay royalties so high it wuld make releasing the game pointless
not to mention earthbound wasn't a hit outside of japan
Seferoth75  +   1929d ago
The last time Nintendo listened to their "fans" tehy had the most powerful console while people like you flocked to an inferior console filled to the brim with garbage like Rugrats and Blues Clues.

Too bad all those low tech games outscore anything on PS3(SMG, SMG2) and achieve sales Sony games could never dream of.

Nintendo games this gen 64
Sony games this gen 63.. So much for your poor thought out point about Sony doing more but then you are obviously a fanboy basing their opinion off of their own ignorance rather than fact.

I am sure your opinion of both will change now that you know they are both putting out the same amount of games. Something tells me now that the truth is posted it will change nothing. You'll just find another reason based on ignorance to troll.
Nicaragua  +   1929d ago
Nintendo have not had the most technically superior console in a generation since the SNES and that sold amazingly well - so what the hell are you talking about again ?
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Muletroid  +   1929d ago
Nicaragua  +   1929d ago
True, but the lack of CD meant that to most people the PS1 came across as better than the N64.
na-no-nai  +   1929d ago
Nicaragua  +   1929d ago
na-no-nai  +   1929d ago
what you mean no? just cuz the ps2 have a dvd player and a larger disc than the NGC, Doesnt make the ps2 technical stronger than the NGC... What the PS2 did have was a lot of 3rd party support compare to the NGC. NGC was as strong as the xbox
otacon68  +   1929d ago
So... this happened? Arent they swimming in money no longer? :)
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1929d ago
they are still swimming in money just the pools aren't being filled up as fast anymore

as for how this happened
one of the reasons is the US dollar keeps getting lower while the yen keeps getting higher
console sales are slowly on the decline at the moment and with the US dollar not being so hot that ain't helping
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dannybohy  +   1929d ago
@ CrazyforGames
Ive been `gaming` since early 1980`s. When the NES was a family friendly consoles that appealed to kids, and casual family gamers. lets fast forward a couple of decades........ziiippp. 2010 Still appealing to the same market, still only really popular due to the same lame Plumber they had 25yrs ago. Aprt from the remote gimmick, there is not one single innovation to come from the Nintendo platform, please name one?. i was busy playing C64, then Amiga then PC, truly innovating platforms, you might not even have 3d gamesif it was up to Nintendos platform barrel jumping. I never thought much of any consoles until the PS1 arrived, paying over £300 for an import before UK release after playing on a friends a week before. Ive had PS2 and I now have an xbox360, all the time having a high end PC for FPS gaming (which cant seriously be played with any skill on a console). The Wii was great for like a week, it was a novelty. now if it had been given a decent GPU it would of stil appealed to the norm, but would have done even better than it already has. fact is, it will die before the other consoles jsut like all the Nintendo consoles before it.
dannybohy  +   1929d ago
oh hang on, i was going to concede that they innovated with the gameboy, but then that was only a step up from lcd games before it. i think the Atari Lynx was far more innovative, way ahead of gameboy, but fair enough the gameboy won that one for some reason.I did own a Nintendo LCD game once that detachable twin controllers, which was quite an innovation back then, so ok, ill give you that one, cant think of any more...
Nugundam0079  +   1929d ago
Rumble,Z Targeting,The implementation of Motion.

Back to rumble-Yea Nintendo did it first many mant folks looovee to forget that little feature that every home console possess started on a Nintendo Console.
I play my wii more often than I play on my 360 so please,take a chill pill and game on.
qface64  +   1929d ago
nintendo were the first to use a built in save function in games
they also added rumble a feature which is still used today
the gameboy the first handheld with interchangeable games
they were the first to really push wireless on console controllers with their wavebird

these are only the ones off the top of my head

also you talk about 3d but it was nintendo that released the first fully 3d game (mario64)
Xander-RKoS  +   1929d ago
I could have sword the original Star Fox was the first true 3D game.
R_aVe_N  +   1929d ago
Sadly the only thing I was looking forward to on the Wii was Epic Mickey and rumor has it that it is coming to the PS3 very soon so I am waiting to see if it does. Nintendo has done a lot for gaming just this time around for the first time I have regretted buying a Wii int the first place. I really do not like the gaming trend now either with most games being dumped down for casuals. I am not a casual gamer I require my Hardcore titles and the PS3 and 360 deliver those so I do not want or need a Wii.
dannybohy  +   1929d ago
I admit Wii is hardcore for my wife and son, ill give the Wiiboys that much. But then even my son would rather play omn his younger brothers Vtech, no lie
GameTavern  +   1929d ago
I never like these rumors because they always speak louder than truth when Warren Specter himself has said he has no plans to port it. So if it is "soon" I wouldn't expect it until next fall at the earliest, are you really gonna wait a year in hopes that it's announced?
Titanz  +   1929d ago
Nintendo's the only company left thats 100% committed to gaming...
While Microsoft and Sony have other departments that earn them money.

To say you want Nintendo to be finished, is like saying that you want videogames to be dead itself.Nintendo deserves to be here, because they innovate and encourage others to like games.
dannybohy  +   1929d ago
WE would be in the same place without Nintendo, the same cant be said for Microsoft or Sony. Personally I dont like rumble on any system..

Im pretty sure Atari Lynx came out the same time as Gameboy, and was `actually` innovative, in fact its got innovations galore!.

Im not a Nintendo hater and yes it bought gaming to living rooms, but since then i dont agree it is innovating at all, the same old thing for 20yrs while PC based gaming,Atari, Sega, then Sony have all pushed the industry forward and truly innovated.
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EYEamNUMBER1  +   1929d ago
your obviously a nintendo hater
based on what your saying and the fact that you chose to completely ignore everything nintendo has done for the game industry since they saved it back in the 80's

go ahead and hate on nintendo everyone has their choices but if you SERIOUSLY think we would be in the same place we are now without nintendo then your obviously delusional
EYEamNUMBER1  +   1929d ago
i call you a nintendo hater because you CHOSING to completely ignore everything nintendo has actually done for the industry you SERIOUSLY believe they haven't done anything for the industry REALLY?

like i said like nintendo or not they have done ALLOT and i mean ALLOT for the industry

also Atari, Sega, have all pushed the industry forward and truly innovated.
that itself is a silly statement considering during the 80,s and 90,s they were playing catchup to nintendo and implementing allot of new features used by nintendo

i really wonder if you actually even know what innovative actually means saying some of the things you say
Muletroid  +   1929d ago
i couldn't take dannybohy seriously anymore the moment i saw

Atari, Sega and pushed the industry forward and truly innovated. in the same sentence LOL as that eye guy already pointed out

your like seriously ignoring sooo many things that happened in gaming
completely ignoring/not paying attention to what nintendo actually has done
its like you only hear what YOU want to hear LOL
Xander-RKoS  +   1929d ago
Saying YOU don't like rumble doesn't mean that tactile feedback didn't pave the way for the console shooter.

Heck, with the way HUDs are designed these days, there is too much to keep track of and rumble provides a more immediate and direct response to being hit than any visual cue could do.

Also, keep in mind that the Lynx was a failure. Adding on the most expensive hardware as possible does not make something innovative, it makes it a money sink. Nintendo's innovation with the GameBoy, and success, practically came from realizing that the most important aspect of a portable gaming system was the battery life and made necessary sacrifices to other hardware to provide that kind extended battery life. Something that Sega wished they had the foresight to see before watching the Game Gear sink.

The fact that motion controllers are becoming an industry standard should be enough proof that Nintendo is innovating the industry. While I do realize that the Wii remote is not the first motion controller, the wii is the first system to incorporate motion control in all aspects of itself, something that is new. Sony and Microsoft, while I do love their platforms as well, have been improving on things that have already been established for years, which is still a pretty good strategy but I can't really call the natural progression of technology as "innovative".
nycredude  +   1929d ago
Maybe you should check your facts bro. Nintendo might not sell tvs or bluray players or computer software but they don't make games. Nintendo is bigger than that.
BrutallyBlunt  +   1929d ago
I wonder if piracy is becoming more rampant?
I wonder if this is taken into account? Both the Wii and DS are heavily pirated.
Titanz  +   1929d ago
Very true
Some people pirate Wii games just for spite.
Xander-RKoS  +   1929d ago
Which is kind of a silly notion.

"Gosh I hate the Wii, so to spite it I'm going to pirate this game for it and play it...that will show em?"
GameTavern  +   1929d ago
And part of their lower profits has nothing to do with them, just the crappy currency conversion that's been going on across the world. Most of their sales nowadays come from the States and Europe, but when converted to yen, their profits take a hit.
dannybohy2nd  +   1929d ago
yeh yeh, rattle your wiimotes as much as you like, Nintendos always have and right up to Wii been underpar kiddy boxes! theres no innovation any more and they have always been one step behind in hardware. you will love this extract from an article that says it best

The graphics: Nintendo must be looking backward, thinking that history is going to repeat itself, over and over again. Sorry guys, the rest of us are looking for improvement. Hence why the other two 7th generation systems are so visually appealing with improved graphics and HD/Blu-Ray options. Colorful bubbly shaped characters are for little children and cartoons.
The games: If you’re stuck in LaLa-Land following Nintendo’s character saga, then sure, you might enjoy playing these games. However, how many more mushrooms can you watch the italian plumber eat? This system’s game selection is horrid, and the ratings even dropped from the Gamecube!
Controller batteries: Nintendo must have made some under the table deals with energizer or duracell, because AA batteries just don’t last quite as long as they used to. The Wii controllers die faster than any other system conroller, yet. On top of the rediculous system and accessory prices these “revolutionary” controllers are costing you and arm and a leg in just battery prices!
A system with a DvD drive that doesn’t play DvD movies. We’re moving forward in technology, onto the seventh generation of gaming consoles, but Nintendo decides to go backwards, behind the PS2, which plays DvDs better than some home entertainment systems. The Xbox 360 at least attempted the HD DvD, and Sony took a step further and went Blu-ray, the video technology of the future. No DvD player? Is that a joke? It must be, along with all of the other qualities of the Wii.
Juvenile Themes: The plan to make a system geared for everyone backfired when they spent too much time focusing on the younger crowd. Maybe they forgot that little kids aren’t able to afford a $200+ system.
Controllers: The controllers that Nintendo came up with are considered revolultionary in their eyes. From a hardcore gamer’s perspective, the motion sensed controls are just plain annoying. The term “video game” should be taken into stricter consideration. I’ve never had a complaint about pushing buttons to control my on-screen character, but its almost insulting when lounging and your television is telling you to swing your arms this way and that.
Online Multiplayer: Some of the best-selling titles to hit the market are due to their online multiplayer abilities, such as the Call of Duty series. Don’t even bother plugging your Wii into the internet. It’s only fun to play with multiple people in the same room. Nintendo should have given us all extra controllers per system to make up for this.
No hard drive: Again, with Microsoft and Sony moving forward, taking risks and making bolder moves like the HD attempt (which, however, didn’t take too long to fail) and the Blu-Ray success, it is almost assumed that when you buy a new generation system, you have a hard drive to save music, videos, and other pieces of media to. What option do you get with this system? Nothing… Have fun.
Nintendo’s gimmicks = $: They’re scamming us all.
It’s Dangerous: If some butterfingers forgot to use the wrist-strap in Wii bowling, say goodbye to your 52″ plasma t.v.
hmm real innovation there Nintendo!.
They sell so well because they are cheaper than the real gaming machines and people think they can get a console the whole family can play, fair enough its casual gaming at its best, well done Nintendo, hell! i bought a Wii for my wife to play to keep her busy so I could play real games.
#13 (Edited 1929d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
TruthbeTold  +   1929d ago
How would you like playing
your Call of Duty games without a thumbstick? Might want to thank Nintendo for that one. You're not 'Hardcore' you're just limited. Oh, and you've got a lot of nerve saying that Nintendo is for children and hating it for being so, when you've acted like a child here with your shallow, unfounded hate, and multiple N4G accounts. If you really do have a wife (which I seriously doubt), then she must hate that she has to finish raising you...
Xander-RKoS  +   1929d ago
Besides your reasoning being that of a 3 year old, the 3DS says high.

But just for fun:

Graphics: Game boy beat Game Gear. Nintendo has a history of accessibility beating out higher hardware. Heck, the entire Nintendo/Sega console war could have been between the cheaper and more accessible hardware and the more expensive, superior hardware.

Game selection: You should try playing Super Mario Galaxy sometime. While I'll understand if 3D platformers aren't your thing, there is a reason why it and its sequel are amongst the highest rated games this generation. Also, for some reason people are pretty excited about No More Heroes being ported, maybe cause it one of the biggest cult classic games produced this generation. Same thing for Epic Mickey, and that game isn't even out yet. Of course there's all the Nintendo first party stuff, the two metroid games (3 if you can't Trilogy, and only if you count that as one game instead of 3 more), Twilight Princess and soon Skyward Sword, Mario Kart Wii, and soon some classic revivals like DKC returns.

Juvenile theme: Hardware wise or software wise? I don't really get the previous, but as for the latter, No More Heroes was around since launch. Mad World, House of the Dead Overkill, and Dead Space Extraction tried to capitalize on this (all failed basically for not being made very well). Now Nintendo has never been ones for making M rated game, but even still Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3 can hardly be called juvenile. Then there's Conduit, which took inspirations from Halo. Monster Hunter Tri is really popular for a bunch of um...wat?

Online is iffy, I have to admit. But its free to access and people do use it for Monster Hunter Tri, to play Smash Bros even with lag (a testament to how good the game actually is), Modern Warfare Reflex, and a plethora of other online games. Oh, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing locally with friends, as you seem to imply. 3DS also like to say hi again.

Hard drives: Considering that computers have had hard drives for a long time, how exactly is putting one in the console innovative and risk taking? Was there really a chance people would say "Oh man, that new Xbox 360 has a hard drive in, I'm not getting it now"?

I do have to say that Sony selling the PS3 originally for $600 was a risk, something we all knew they felt, but that was more because they wanted to be ahead in the tech race and in fact, catered too much to a niche group of gamers (hardcore with tons of exposable income, I would have loves a PS3 back in the day if I wasn't a high schooler when it came out and eventually a jobless college student). Still risk =/= innovation. Risk doesn't always even mean smart.

Dangerous: There's a reason those people are called "wii-tards". Lacking in simple restraint and having basic motor control skills does make the Wii "dangerous".

Anyways, you should also probably let go of this false sense of superiority you get because you bought a more expensive gaming machine. This notion you have of "real games" is downright pathetic when you consider what a video game actually is. Any real gamer could tell you that flashy graphics, superior hardware, and a handful of ignorance does not make a good game.
dannybohy2nd  +   1928d ago
Wii Wii
Besides your reasoning being that of a 3 year old, the 3DS says high.

About the reasoning your average Wii fanboy then, glad im on the same wave then. I wont defend the article, it wasn’t mine and I only thought it slightly amusing and thought some Wiiboys might bust a vessel over it.
Never said Nintendo didn’t `beat` other systems, only that they are not as innovative in either hardware or games, you can argue about it all you want but it doesn’t change the facts.
And Nintendo handhelds are still aimed at girls, kids and adults who want fun over everything else, fair enough, I don’t think much of any handhelds full stop. And I don’t want anything in 3D, not even
For free, and the idea of a small handheld in 3d seems completely pointless, and ive no doubt at all that the 3DS will not have the power to make the most of the 3D anyway.

As for your game selection, if you like that cutesy games like that (hell even Metroid is Bomberman on steroids), then go for it, and the higher rated games you mentioned were only released on the Wii
To try and claw in some adult audience, and they fail because you need the hardware power to go with the graphics to make those games truly immersive.. Stick to Mushrooms and Princesses..will do

Not having a harddrive like the Xbox and ps3 was a BIG f-up, there is no denying that, and a dvd drive that you cant play your DVD`s in! come on. Its Nintendo all over.

I have no superiority due to what machines I have, I have a Wii, although I like to cover it up with an issue of Barney the Dinosaur annual if anyone comes around to save the embarrassment.
Still noone can argue that the Nintendo has not been truly innovative compared to other platforms. They do what they have always done very well, extremely well, afterall its all they do. But innovation goes to Microsoft and Sony.

I have no outstanding fanboy leanings, I play games with my wife and sons on the Wii, I play 3rd person games on the xbox360 and FPS on my gaming PC.
Maybe I do just hate Nintendo, I think it’s a deeply physiological issue going back to the mid 80`s when my friends all got NES and I never had one coz my family couldn’t afford it, so had to make do with going out and learning how to meet girls and meaning of growing up. Then later on in my early teens I got a job in the local coal mine so I could buy my own machine, only I had to get a glossy black megadrive because my coal sodden hands would of made a mess of a nice Grey SNES . It wasn’t long however before I could sit there in my late teens early 20s with my own house, car a string of ugly ex-girlfriends and a nice Playstation playing Metalgearsolid while my old school friends sat at home with mum and dad trying so hard to get those mushrooms and finally tag that Princess and go 2`s UP with Luigi.

I love you wii`ners, play safe.
ohdavey  +   1929d ago
I wouldn't worry shareholders. Even a strong company and brand like Nintendo will have its bad quarters.
Xander-RKoS  +   1929d ago
3DS is sure to make up for it.

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