5 Reasons the PSP Phone Will Change the Game


Now that the iPhone and Android platforms have proven that you can have a successful gaming business with smartphone hardware, it seems that this may be a bold new step for Sony. Keep in mind that the phone is actually by Sony Ericsson, we aren't seeing a PlayStation or PSP logo anywhere on the face of the phone, but the directional pad and face buttons, Triangle, Circle, X and Square are identical to the PSPgo. Even the slide-out design looks to be just like the go.

That said, we are interested in seeing where Sony can go with this. Let's take a look at how this may change the game for Sony:

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Quagmire2734d ago

I thought that the touch screen dual analogues feature was a genius idea

imoutofthecontest2734d ago

I came in with the intentions of making some kind of "Because it wil be made by Apple" wisecrack or something but nah, I can't do it.