The Gentleman's Guide to Gaming | GQ

"Etiquette is important for any gentleman. There is order that sets a precedent. A code that must be followed; a tradition that defines the very quality of the fibre you have been crafted with. There are few places where a gentleman’s manners are tested more than in the realm of online gaming. Here are a four insights on how to be a man of stature in the online arena." - GQ

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kelvinmanley2768d ago

that's the thing about online gaming (and the interweb for that matter): it provides total anonymity allowing people to get away with stuff. players probably wouldn't do half the things they do if they were playing face to face. however, i admit, its often tricky keeping ones cool online.

granthinds2768d ago

It's that space where there're no faces, just text or an invisible face that they can mock without consequence. It's dumb really. People are dumb.