CVG: Heavenly Sword not possible on DVD

The benefits of the higher storage capacity of Sony's Blu-Ray discs have once again been pulled into the spotlight as Heavenly Sword chief development 'Ninja', Nina Kristensen, tells CVG that the game would simply not be possible on DVD.

"We have jam-packed the Blu-Ray disc absolutely full," declared Kristensen, as she confirmed rumours that the audio alone was allocated 10GB of space on the 25GB Blu-Ray discs.

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macsto4122d ago

yet its only 7 hrs long. So so sad, multi regions on 1 disc FTL.

macsto4122d ago

Yeah, if you're totally retarded.

Just like GOW was "12-15 hrs"

xhi44122d ago

She stated "it coudn't fit on a DVD9". She states that. Are you developers who know better than she does, Killzone 2 level alone takes up 2GB and thats only in pre-pre alhpa stage.

This was stated before in a press release is "12-15 hours long". Not 7 hours, or some of you xbots are now trying to reduce it to 6 hours. These are the first batch of games for the PS3, including RFOM and Motorstorm. Games after these will take more advantage of it's power and will be better i promise you Lorenzferus.

I don't understand why you are hating on Heavenly Sword. It's recieving 9's, 8's, 8.5's. Is that a bad game? Okay it's not Bioshock (which I own and loveee) but it's not a bad game, it's actually a really good game. If they demo is anything to go by, the controls are magnificent.

The fact is Blu-Ray is next gen. DVD is old gen. Get over it. Developers who utilise Blu-Ray don't need to compress. Although many do as she STATED the team have in order to fit everything on a single-layer disc. Blu-ray allows for more quality and quantity, not MUST have compression and lesser quality textures, sound quality, features etc.

...i don't understand you xbots.

And btw. the official press release (which I will edit in) stated the game to be 12-15 hours long. This means on the box, it will say 12-15 hours. Please don't try and change this number for arguments sake...please.

beavis4play4122d ago

the comparison with bioshock really is a good one because they are 2 different genres. like comparing ratchet to killzone. comparing it to GOW would be closer.

nasim4122d ago

LOST PLANET (x360 version) had barely any sound in it. CAPCOM couldnt fit the compressed sound files in the DVD.

same goes to GEARS. even if you max the volume of ur TV u get no sound.

HS sound files could be compressed to at best 5gb ---no less than that

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CG4122d ago

10GB of audio??? WTF why wasnt that 10GB used for something more usefull like errm making the game longer than 6-7 hours, i mean isnt that the main advantage of blu-ray ( bigger longer games)??

The lair and heavenly sword devs have been saying there games are only possible on blu-ray but yet both games can be completed in 6 hours??? huh

Why the hell would you need to use 10GB just for audio?? the sound in heavenly sword isnt any better than others games...

marionz4122d ago

its stupid to use 10GB for music alone, dont they know how to compress?
this game could easily be doen on dvd but sony thinks we are stupid enough to believe their lies, just like how resistance nearly filled a blu ray, its total bs
if i hear sony claim a game can only be doen on ps3 again i think im going to puke

jay34122d ago

Well, with Blu Ray it kind of allows devs to be kinda lazy. They could very well have compressed, but with the amount of space on a Blu Ray disc they don't have to.

There are other advantages of Blu Ray, though.

There's probably no other reason this couldn't fit on a DVD other than the devs were too lazy to compress.

Unless there's something else we don't know about...


beavis4play4122d ago

why do people install 15,000$ surround sound systems in their homes? because they're into sound. i don't understand it either.

thegreatone4122d ago

The article stated they stated they did compress.

Master of Menace4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

When you have to compress something you reduce it's quality. So Heavenly Swords sound quality should be incredible.

Kholinar4122d ago

"When you have to compress something you reduce it's quality."

No... not necessarily. Lossless compression is used quite frequently and there's no degradation.

"So Heavenly Swords sound quality should be incredible."

Except that they said they used compression all over the place.

now if it's lossless then that's great. In the end we don't know. Because the interview was not specific about what was compressed and what wasn't or how it was compressed.

You go from compression (which the dev used) is lossy (which is not always true) to stating that the game must be high quality (because it takes up more space).

More space doesn't mean much. Office 2003 had negligible features added compared to Office 99, yet it was several hundred megabytes larger. Sometimes more space is just more bloat.

heroman7114122d ago

well u both are idiots cuz blu ray helps a crap load fitting games on. mgs4 will definately need a blu ray unless u wanna play it on multiple disks. i heard that forza 2 needed more space to. 9 gigs wont do and thats a dual layered dvd. microsoft would have put hddvd in 360s if they had the chance but since they wanted to beat sony they had to make a huge choice and drop that idea

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God of Gaming4122d ago

Did they not shop this game originally to MS? And because of the developers history (Kung Fu CHaos) MS passed... THe game is going to be awesome but seriously... they went to MS first with it meaning they had the 360 in mind before MS passed and sony scored the exclusive..

Just seems odd to me

techie4122d ago

Uh no. The specs of the 360 weren't even around. Plus...there is no evidence that Microsoft turned them down, there's more evidence that NT turned Microsoft down (either Microsoft wanted to buy them out, they didnt offer enough money, or wanted it to be on the Xbox).

Plus, that has nothing to do with how a dev uses advantages they were given. HS in its current state could not be on DVD. Simple as.

WilliamRLBaker4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

deep is right, in its "CURRENT FORM" its not doable on dvd, thats a fact.

But if they we're to build the game from the ground up using the same dev time they had for the ps3 version and actually used some form of compression on any thing *which is seems they didn't using hardly any at all* then it could be doable on dvd....maybe minus the every language...ect

edit: I did read that the ninja theory dev said they used compression all over, Well i have this to say, I've seen Heavenly sword and it looks no better then most games out on the 360 right now, If this amazingly large game that takes 6 hours to complete is so needful of a 25-50 gig blu ray disc why is that?

Bioshock a game vastly better looking then that game fits on an dvd9.
Oh and oblivion fit on a dvd9 and it had more audio files then this game ever had...and they used compression and the audio on that game sounds great....Basically put I bet they hardly use any compression at all on this game.

vidoardes4122d ago

As far as I am aware, this was going to be an XBox game, not a 360 game (I could be wrong on that point).

And as for the remarks about being lazy, it has nothing to do with lazyness. Uncompressed sound is better quality than compressed sound. Just like uncompressed texutres are better than compressed textures. Just allows them to deliver better quality without worrying about space, nothing to do with being lazy.

WilliamRLBaker4122d ago

Lost wrong, Uncompressed textures are not better then compressed, Compression is so advanced now that even a small ammount allows for no degradation.

Not only does compression make for smaller file sizes, consoles and computers are so powerful any more that the uncompression on the fly allows for faster loading...ect and because of the way of data compression any more *sound compression is vastly inferior to data compression* you rarely if ever see any degradation.

If compression was such a bad thing then they would use it rarely when in actually all most every game, and program uses it in some form or aother.

vidoardes4122d ago

Do you have any idea how compression works? At All? No, I thought not. I never said compression was a bad thing, I said uncompressed is always better, which I'm afraid is an undeniable fact. It is used 'all over the shop' because yes, the differance is negligable, or because restrictions are made i.e availible space, but the preffered option, if availible is uncompressed data

techie4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

"As far as I am aware, this was going to be an XBox game, not a 360 game (I could be wrong on that point)."

You are very wrong. This was always a next gen project that they started early - they laughed at those who wanted it to be on the Xbox (Microsoft) with their concept videos and art blowing everyone away, not thinking it was possible even on next-gen.

They did a whole load of compression - but it's a balance of quality to space - they had to compromise to fit it on 25gigs - may have gone with dual layer, but made sacrifices. Cost/Benefit calculation. Spectacular sound, high quality cutscenes...take up space. The quality is undeniable I'm sure when you're playing it in your house with uncompressed 7.1 speakers.

vidoardes4122d ago

Sorry, apoligies you are correct. Heavenly Sword started development on PC with a view to moving onto next generation platforms such as the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3. It had been stated that the title was in development since 2003 with footage of the original PC version published on in 2004. It had, at one time, been up and running on an early Xbox 360 prototype but this was abandoned in favour of the PLAYSTATION 3 when the title was picked up by SCEE.

So it wasn't envisaged with either console in mind, they picked the console after development began.

techie4122d ago

Make no bones about it - Ninja Theory and Sony know what they are doing with compression - COST/BENEFIT

Deano (Ninja dev):"We use a mixture of compressed and uncompressed, but lots were compressed for the reasons people have stated.

Make no doubt, fitting all the audio in and not stuttering and being the the highest quality we could get wasn't easy, it was quite a problem even with the size of blu-ray.

At one point we seriously considered dual layer Blu-ray cos of disk space issues."

Meus Renaissance4122d ago

Was asked if MS passed the exclusive rights to Heavenly Sword - and although he didn't directly say "yes/no", he pretty much confirmed that they did. I think that video is on Gamevideos Deep.

techie4122d ago

Seen it. He looked pretty embarrassed actually. Not a reliable source.

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Anything but Cute4122d ago

think I'm going green pretty soon. That's right I'm leaving PS3 behind and buying an XBOX 360 instead.

ThaGeNeCySt4122d ago

if you're serious, then there's no reason to leave the PS3 behind... just enjoy both

ukilnme4122d ago

Don't give up on PS3 yet, but there is nothing wrong with having all consoles. Game On.

Lumbo4122d ago

Whats the point of posting this piece of completely pointless information into every news post?

No one cares what you do, neither what console you buy or sell, honestly.

sjappie4122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )


resistance1004122d ago

This is like the 3rd time you have posted it now

power0919994122d ago

Really man, how many times are you going to post the same exact sentence?

Are you looking for sympathy? Just buy a 360, and enjoy both instead of saying "whoa is me I am going green".

I think we got your point the first 2 times you posted it.

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Hayabusa 1174122d ago (Edited 4122d ago )

What is the point now boasting about how many gigs your 6 hour game takes up? How many people were making fun of the Gears of War because it was only 12 hours long, and how Blu-Ray would offer such a huge advantage? I've still seen nothing from PS3 games that justifies 25 gig of storge, and what's worse, developers are already coming close to filling up single-layer Blu-Ray discs. There aren't even any CGI curscenesin Heavenly Sword. And this is why people pay £400 for the PS3.

beavis4play4122d ago

funny, i'm still waiting for a first party exclusive that makes me want an xbox. i've played them on my buddys xbox and 360 but i'm not impressed. halo, gears,bioshock are all ok, but don't make me want the system. wanting a system and the first party games it has just comes down to preference. there is no absolut right or wrong. there are other games they (xbox) have i like but they are cross-platform. and what are you smoking? there are huge cinamatic cut-scenes that have been talked about and shown a lot. and i beat gears in 9 hours on normal difficulty and 10 on co-op.(we stopped some on that)and i haven't played HS so i don't know how long the game is. but i'll bet it's closer to 10 to 12 hrs.

SlippyMadFrog4122d ago

I remember people saying Gears was short because of the lack of available space. Now a game comes out on blu-Ray that is more or less the same length as Gears of War and fills up a Blu-Ray disc. I guess by following that logic you can say a Blu-Ray disc is too small because the game is too short, which doesn't make sense.
The thing is they have 40 gigs (or whatever the capacity is of Blu-Ray) to mess around with. I'm sure they could have compressed that 10 gig audio to 1 gig if they realy wanted. They could have cut certain corners to save space and not take away from the experience of the game.
The thing is Sony fanboys have certain "weapons" they use against xbox fanboys and this is one of them. I will give credit where it is due and this game looks great BUT I'm still not convinced that Blu-Ray is needed.