Gamespot: Dragon Age II Video Preview

Watch this video preview where Gamespot gives a brief overview of the combat and conversation systems of Dragon Age 2.

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Bobbykotickrulesz2736d ago


I thought the first Dragon Age was pretty dumb. The battle mechanics were horrible and the overall gameplay/environment was pretty bland.

A lot of other people love it to death so whatever. Merely my opinion of the game.

Myst-Vearn2736d ago

Merely my opinion of you.

Shadowgate2736d ago

One of the best games I ever played AMAZING I wish it was co op tho that would be insane two people changing the story

sonicsidewinder2736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I personally don't believe it to be 'AMAZING' at all.

It's a terribly generic game that was 'okay'.

I completed it once as a rogue. Have tried re-runs, but am never compelled to.

tbh, it's a boring game with some good diologue (for the most part).

goku323592736d ago

Dragon Age was one of my favorite games this gen.

Tex1172736d ago

The battles on consoles really weren't very good.

PandaJenkins2736d ago

Loooovvvveeedd the first game. Probably my favourite game last year so can't wait for 2. Still unsure about the combat from what I have seen in some vids but the story, design, dialogue, etc should be great. Visuals definitely seem like an improvement after seeing this video, before I wasn't so sure about how much they really were improved.

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