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PSXExtreme: "Yes, yes, I know; we all want Kingdom Hearts III for the PlayStation 3. But in the meantime, there’s a pretty solid and entertaining installment on the PSP, called Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Featuring three separate storylines that greatly amp up the longevity and overall appeal, a satisfying and appropriately deep combat mechanic, and that patented flair achieved by combining the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy, this one is well worth your time. The only disappointing part of the entire production is the fact that Square-Enix can’t seem to shake off past downfalls and mistakes, and I kept thinking our surroundings should’ve exhibited more lush detail. I know the PSP is a bit more limited but I have seen instances of unbelievable detail (‘cough’ God of War ‘cough’) so it isn’t impossible."

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LazyGamer_132814d ago

Birth by Sleep is actually pretty fun...I'm a traditional Kingdom Hearts Playstation 2 guy (or however you wanna word that) so at first I was REALLY turned off by hearing of all these side Birth By Sleep and 358/2...but now i'm kind of embracing them in a way...they're fun. And now I feel more confident that they'll be making a new KH game for PS3, due to all the positive reaction to the recent KH games. So hopefully we'll hear word of a bigger KH project, such as KH3, in the near future