Top 10 First Person Shooter Multiplayer Maps of All Time

Bryce Wilson of RipTen Writes; "RipTen takes a look at ten of the best multiplayer shooting maps to grace our unworthy fingertips. Whether it's for their awesome layouts, tactically milkable gameplay opportunities or just their sheer size, we've looked at them all. So check out this list..."

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Drjft2603d ago

Gotta love Radec Academy!

tdrules2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Radec Academy, that was the one with the broken spawns right?

thief2602d ago

Nope, that was the one where you had multiple back alleys which you could use to outflank opponents trying to base-camp. Unless, of course, you were too dumb to seek out different tactics or a troll who has never played the game.

Blaine2602d ago

I loved Radek Academy for the suicidal spawn 'nades. I'd play as the tactician, run to the objective--or as close as I could get without being shot down--and throw a spawn nade right on the objective. Wave after wave of my team mates would die instantly spawning on it, but eventually we'd destroy that pillar!

(I realize I'm probably not the only one who employed that tactic, but still I thought it was worth mentioning! And my terminology might be wrong too, it's been a while since I played this game.)

tdrules2602d ago

unlike TF2, KZ2 had no physical barriers to stop enemies camping right next to where you spawn, so it was simple to spam turrets in their base and win.
I was a terrible player admittedly, see my stats lmao

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Fred-G-Sanford2602d ago

COD4's "Crash" is indeed a masterpiece.

"Crossfire" is a personal favorite of mine, as well.

Two-Face2602d ago

Don't forget Downpour and Backlot. Great maps.

Cenobia2602d ago

Yeah, Crash and Crossfire should be included in every COD game from the start, even if they reskin them.

Or just offer them as free DLC a few months after release to add some extra variety.

thief2602d ago

Pyrrhus, Salamun and Blood Gracht were pretty good as well. Liked the fact that there were always so many different ways around the map, so you had fierce fights along the corridors as well as smart flanking manoeuvres.

Batmau52603d ago

Hell yeah Radec Academy getting the props it deserves.

KingNintendoFanboy2603d ago

No Complex from Perfect Dark. :(

Drjft2603d ago

Perfect Dark is so awesome in terms of maps it would've just taken all 10 spots :D

Raf1k12602d ago

There isn't a single map from Quake 3 either which I think is odd.

Sandwich Bender2603d ago

I love you, Wake Island. You're my favorite thing ever.

Nostradavis2603d ago

I love you Sandwhich Bender. You are my favorite food to eat when drunk.

specialguest2602d ago

Strike at karkand was fun too.

masterofpwnage2603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

hell yeah, counter strike is probably my first online fps game.

so much memories.

and how about resistance 1, the mall i loved that one and also idk whats it called but your on a boat, good for sniping matches

woo go giants
1-0 world series

specialguest2602d ago

I used to play it on dial-up connection.

PinkFunk2602d ago

de_dust 1 and 2. Oh man, the memories. aztec is legendary too, and I would put that before a bunch of those. Im sure they wanted to keep the variety though, so they must have kept it so that 1 game could only make 1 spot on the list. Minus of course Halo, because Halo transcends all criticism. Lolz, joking of course. I do remember playing that Halo 2 map a lot with my friends back on the original xbox.

Cenobia2602d ago

I hated aztec. Office was definitely my favorite map in CS.

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