Agarest Senki Zero Brings Dirty, Sexy Gaming to US/EU

If you enjoyed Record of Agarest War on the PS3 or Xbox 360, then you'll be happy to hear that the prequel, Agarest Senki Zero, will be making way to the US and EU.

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Tuxmask552849d ago

I wonder if this game will bring an epidemic of nosebleeds.....?

Nihilism2849d ago

Nope, just a lot of skin irritation ;)

Godmars2902849d ago

Not paying $45 for a DL.

Genecalypse2849d ago

I dont think they are allowed to sell sometihng this suggestive in stores according to Sonys rules, which is why its DL only

Theonik2849d ago

They had a disk version in Europe.

Neckbear2849d ago


SCEE and SCEA are both different companies with different rules.

SCEA is a bitch when it comes down to 2D and no-dub Japanese games.

Redempteur2849d ago

GHOST LIGHT had it on a disc the first time ( EU )

CrzyFooL2849d ago

I saw anime ass and clicked this without reading the title. I am so mature and awesome.

Redempteur2849d ago

now you'll know that this second game has improved mecanics over the first and is not a bad T-rpg

Leupac2849d ago

I liked the first one, wasn't a bad game and I had been wondering if this one would make it state-side.

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