The scariest videogame characters that were never designed to be scary

GamesRadar: "Many videogames are designed with conflict in mind, and thus revolve around intimidating, sometimes even frightening, the player. The survival horror genre has been crammed full of horrific monstrosities designed entirely to terrify their audience. Developers are so good at creating scary monsters and super freaks, however, that it seems they can't help themselves. In short, even when games try to be cute or otherwise non-threatening, they often end up even spookier."

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MURKERR2645d ago

sorry 360 fans that and the little girl with the tiger at e3 spooked the hell outta me

NewsForMe2644d ago

Why are you saying sorry to me? I'm not a demonic little girl.

MURKERR2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Your dedication to a piece of electronics is at such an all time high you believe microsoft is your general and you an your squad are in battle to defend your platoon from any incoming not bashing your beloved piece of plastic,theres a 360 and ps3 in my house and guess what? my parents didnt buy them i DID.

You have issues because milo freaked me out? Yep that and clowns scare the hell out of me and guess what you look like right now?.....listen your taking the words 'console wars' literally,there is no war,theres no ps3 contollers flying pass your head, non of your 'troops' have been injured by move, kinect will not wake you up in the morning with a hug,you are in your bedroom getting upset over electronics. Say it out loud and realise theres more to life.i dont know your sexual preference but try real relationships because the one you clearly have with your 360 is unatural.

If its that hard for your to realise reality from fantasy then maybe call dr phil.....

niceguywii602644d ago

So a digital boy scares you? You sure that's not hate for milo because people first seen Kinect with Milo. You know during the times PS3 fanboys decided to hate and fear Project Natal knowing it would be a game changer for MSFT and the final nail for Sony when it comes to 2nd place.

rdgneoz32644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Fake demos and casual or on-rails games will not be the final nail for Sony. - Milo - SW

blind-reaper2644d ago

the kids from jet force gemini were scary

Quagmire2645d ago

Bobby Kotick, video game character or not

DaBadGuy2644d ago

I imagine under his human flesh disguise Bobby Kotick is a cross between a Cyndiquil and Pazuzu.

despair2644d ago

I have no idea what that means.

Bobbykotickrulesz2644d ago

Cyndiquil and Pazuzu huh?

Yeah, you're off your medication for sure.

DaBadGuy2644d ago


Ok so in the Exorcist, the demons name was Pazuzu. Now imagine a Cyndiquil, the pokemon with flames shooting out of his back. Take Pazuzu the demon and cyndiquil and put em together and you have an atrocity of god.

And the meds were giving me cottonmouth.

Anybody gonna answer that damn machine gun?

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soundslike2644d ago

File under: Reasons why I can't be bothered to play Japanese games anymore. Makes me wish all jrpgs only had access to sprites and 16 bits again...

Edward-Kraken2644d ago

This one,

I know its just a gigantic head of a character in the game, but still. Creeped the hell out of me on my first playthrough.

Scottyabanks2644d ago

Lol, the author of the article has a great sense of humor. Very funny read.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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