Castlevania Gets A 7.5 Should IGN Review Games Anymore? HHG VS The Industry Volume 1

Castlevania: Lord Of Shadows is a incredible game hands down. Graphically Stunning, Music, Voice Acting, Combat, and more this game brings the heat to all fans of the franchise.

In this industry as well as others, opinions are thrown around everyday but, the problem is when your opinion gets challenged and you can’t back up your statements.

Giving Castlevania a 7.5 although it’s an opinion, it’s a very poor opinion and here’s Official proof why.

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Troll_Police2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

God of War 3 gets a 12 out of 10. Should HHG review games any more?

(I love GOW3 but no game is a 12/10)

masterofpwnage2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

remember, a review is another persons opinion.
are you a follower? or do you make your own choices?

i stop trusting review, by its score.

i now just read it and see what the fuss is about or whats good about.
i skip the score.

because GTA4 was a ten to reviewers, but for me was a 7.5.

woo go giants
1-0 world series

OneSneakyMofo2819d ago

Castlevania Voice Acting was horrible, lol.

The game just got too monotonous and boring halfway through. Then they throw the puzzles at you once you're actually in the game. If it's not that, it's Belmont's accent.

I'm still trying to slug through it though.

Rumor2819d ago

when one says back it up..this is what comes to mind..

Sarcasm2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I don't get it. An opinion isn't typically "right" or "wrong" and since when was 7.5 a terrible score? It's not like the guy put 1/10 and wrote two sentences. Then you'd have something wrong and try to discredit the person.

And why are you really targeting IGN so much? IGN this, IGN that, IGN doesn't give milk to the poor people in Africa.

Instead of standing on your own merits as a gaming enthusiast, you resort to bashing other sites. It's like sometimes I like you HHG, and other times you make absolutely no sense. Damn, you're like a woman.

Redrum0592819d ago

People are getting personal in the comments below.

HHG vs N4Gcommunity


Lightsaber2819d ago

"Troll_Police + 4h ago God of War 3 gets a 12 out of 10. Should HHG review games any more?

(I love GOW3 but no game is a 12/10) "

He also gave UC2 1000/10 or 100/10. Either way the guy is an idiot if you have a 10 point scale you dont just start tossing random numbers out there when ever you like.

Al it sound to me like he was more pissed off that the PS3 and 360 got the same score then it being a 7.5.

HHps3fangirl striek agian *shrugs*

BkaY2818d ago

is doing quite a damage to their rep lately, i mean their reviews dont make much sense...

i do read reviews but they arent a slight factor in my decision making...


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Tachyon_Nova2819d ago

Coulda sworn it wasn't, and I have definetly played and finished the game...


There is OTHER person in the Industry like HH GAMER! not every person who plays video games are White preppy nerds... so why should all the reviewers be... most gamers are latino males. HH Gamer is a nice change and while some may not agree with his style... at least its a style of his own and not the same boring crap you get else where.

Eiffel2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

So by your logic just by your assumption of most gamers appearance and overall personality. He's good for the industry? Same formula as what happened to MTV, and look what that turned into.

I'm considering contacting the staff to fix the contributing requirements so his network pals can no longer auto approve bullshit like this. There's being a voice in the industry and then there's being someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

Tachyon_Nova2819d ago

What a stupid article, why is he picking on IGN?

The game currently holds an 84 on metacritic, and there are 5 other reviewers who give it a 75, and one giving it a 60... For what its worth, the user score is exactly the same as the critic score, 84.

HHG, Hugely Hypocritical Gangster

xino2818d ago

because IGN is the no1 gaming site in the industry and what ever they say will influence gamers!
Whatever IGN says about a game in their review will be put in the boxart of a publisher's game like "Smashing" "10/10" "GOTY" etc.

Lords of Shadow is an amazing game. It's technically fine to critic the game as the IGN guy did, but giving such retarded scores is absurd! This is a no1 site we are talking about and they are meant to be professionals! You don't put your personal opinion to your work and put it out there for everyone to observe.

Graphics gets a 8.5 why? when it's so close to GOW3's graphic style.
Gameplay is repetitive whereas EVERY game ever created is repetitive, even monopoly is repetitive!

One thing that pisses me off the most is why they always critic hack n slash games as repetitive.
Ninja Gaiden is, God of War is, Ninja Blade is, Dante's Inferno is.

Soon they will say DmC is repetitive.

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Ahasverus2819d ago

But even for me this title is a little exagerating :P

Elginer2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Lords of Shadows is a good game but has tons of flaws. It feels artificially extended at points just to draw out game length, frame rate and camera issues aplenty and suffers from poor grappling controls at times. Again it's a good game but a game with some real problems that prevent it from receiving a 10 score. It lays a great groundwork for the developer to improve upon, but only if they take these very real problems and works them out for the sequel.

How can this guy say, "I respect this guys opinion but it's bullshit!". Then that's not respecting his opinion. He clearly stated the problems he had with the game, he backed it up with his opinions. Same as HHG. This is just nonsense

And to answer his questions on why the PS3 and X360 version got the same score: Because BOTH had framerate issues. The PS3 less so, but still suffered from technical issues. His review was on the GAME itself not just the technical issues. Again, why does this guy feel the need to challenge any opinion that doesn't coincide with his? If they don't he needs to call them on it? Call them on what?! It makes no damn sense! BAH!

-Alpha2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Unfortunately, as sensible as your post may be, HHG is impossible to reason with. It's funny because almost everybody understands immediately why he is so hated...except HHG himself

He uses IGN like a leech sucking blood out of a bigger source of sustenance to get the attention he needs.

He is N4G's abomination, and his stuff gets constantly approved by his network of pals. He isn't any worse than most the other crap around here, but he just manages to get more attention.

MURKERR2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

this is just a game forum,yeh we all know what to expect with HHG but.....abomination? seriously in the bigger scheme of things its just gaming..

how activision and bobby disregard ps3 owners and gamers in general for the almighty dollar now thats a issue to get upset about

-Alpha2819d ago

Sorry for the theatrics, but N4G fuels guys like this-- all you need to do to get to the front page is have 10 approvals, have a flamebait title, and you are successful. I've seen many random sites get popular this way.

Apple2819d ago

All you do is hate on the small sites that N4G CANNOT do without. They're the site's bread and butter. But all you do is down talk them like some elitist. Just shut up already. You're annoying.

The Lazy One2819d ago

@"All you do is hate on the small sites that N4G CANNOT do without. They're the site's bread and butter. But all you do is down talk them like some elitist. Just shut up already. You're annoying."

maybe if they acted like professional journalists he wouldn't talk down to them. Some of them are good, but there are a flood of them that have more falsehoods than facts, and hhg is one of them.

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Chuk52819d ago

Wow 7.5 big deal. Jeez, it's one reviewer's opinion. /not a whole site. you should know that HHG. Should destructoid be banned cuz of Jim Sterling? No.

yewles12819d ago

"Should destructoid be banned cuz of Jim Sterling? No."

Why not? *bubble bursted* T_T

BillOreilly2819d ago

yes that guy is such a f***** tool. Jim sterling should be banned from touching video games as he hates them so much. Destructoid as a whole is ok though.

-Alpha2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"Giving Castlevania a 7.5 although it’s an opinion, it’s a very poor opinion and here’s OFFICIAL proof why"

Jesus tap dancing Christ

Sometimes I wonder if HHG actually understands how much of a living contradiction he is.

Apple2819d ago Show