Alundra (PSN) Review

A Zelda clone with more personality than what meets the eye and a somewhat difficult, mature and somber adventure.

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Electronicpart2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I already got hard copy and the game is great , thank you for the Review

TroyAndAbed2848d ago

I'm glad you got hard.

How is the game?

TheObserver2848d ago

"I'm glad you got hard."

That's what she said.


TroyAndAbed2848d ago


You can't take something that was already sexual and say "that's what she said".


DelbertGrady2848d ago

Awesome game. If you like it I also recommend Landstalker for the Megadrive/Genesis which is its predecessor. Alundra 2 is pretty good as well.

Myze2847d ago

Landstalker was great, and was the reason I picked up Alundra back when it came out (same team). Another is Dark Savior for the Sega Saturn, although that would be a LOT harder to find since Landstalker could be had through emulators.

While I like Alundra a little better than Landstalker, since it has a much better story, Landstalker is a much more challenging game, and most of the best parts about Alundra are present in Landstalker. There was also a game called Lady Stalker, which is a sequel to Landstalker, but it was never released outside of Japan (although I think there is a fan translation), and the gameplay was a lot different.

CrzyFooL2848d ago

Alunda is an incredible game. If you missed it on PS1, PICK IT UP NOW. It plays like Zelda III but with much deeper story and roleplaying elements.

9/10 imo

Figboy2848d ago

so i definitely snagged it off of PSN. $5.99 for such an awesome game is a steal.

PS360fanboy2848d ago

It's a great price for a great game!

Trroy2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

One of the finest Action RPGs of the PS1 era.

I have the hard copy, but I may buy a digital copy just for a replay on my PSP Go. $5.99 is an unbelievable value for this title, along with many other PS1 RPGs on the store, IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.