Sony Australia Hints at GT5's New December Release Date

Sony Australia quietly updates the terms and conditions of a GT5 Signature Edition contest, possibly revealing the game’s new release date.

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postofficebuddy2792d ago

They'll most likely give the official release date with quarterly reports on the 29th. But this is probably real.

Sitris2792d ago

in time for christmas as well, just like they said. Very probable release date.

SkylineR2792d ago

Yeah that seems plausible seeing as the date is a Thursday. The day games are typically released here in Australia. Fingers crossed I guess.

Ivan Drago IV2792d ago

I called December 7th a few weeks ago. Im 99.9% December 7th is the date. Why? well its common sense. A. nearly a month after the black ops craze dies down. B. not too close yet not too far from Christmas C. also a month after the kinect hype dies down and D. no other games releasing that time frame.

CellularDivinization2792d ago

Woah, GT5 needs to release after both the COD and Kinect hype die down? But I thought GT5 sold in the trillions! And I also thought Kinect was going to fail? Well, um.. uh... GT5 needs these conditions because... um... they... hmm.... Never mind.

blumatt2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

... but clearly that would help. GT5 would still sell a million or so day one even if it launched this next Tuesday alongside Kinect. Believe that.
Edit: I truly wish Sony would give the U.S. a GT5 bundle with a GT5 blue painted console like Japan's getting.

STiRacer2792d ago

They should release it before kinect launches and then release it again before CoD:Black Ops.

Jamaicangmr2792d ago

Don't know if you're joking or not but i don't a shit thats funny. LMFAO!!!

Fatal Blow2792d ago


GT5 will sell millions and even tho kinect will sell like crazy it will fail who will pew pew pew with there hands lol

SkylineR2792d ago

F#%*ing fanboys!
What's kinect have to do with GT5? Get over it!

So should people bag GT5 out because it won't sell nearly as many copies as black ops? Leave your fanboy bs out the door. Be excited about GT5 and enjoy it ffs!

blackburn52792d ago

Kinect has nothing to do GT5. That fanboy BS. We want GT5. Not some retro, soccer mom mini game shovelware device. GT5! Stop saying the same stupid thing over and over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.