Persona 2 PSP: first screenshots

"Another classic from yesteryear is being refurbished for PSP; this time, it’s Atlus’s Persona 2: Innocent Sin. The first screens are here."

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imoutofthecontest2698d ago

Sorry Mr Disagreer Man, I work 12-hour days on Thursdays (most games come out on Thursdays in Japan) and can't buy it on day 1! Day 2 it IS :p

knifefight2698d ago

Will they remake the other half of Persona 2 as well, then?

Why did North America get one but not the other? o_O

kevco332697d ago

European release = not a chance. Thanks guys. :(

knifefight2697d ago

Did Europe get any of the other Shin Megami Tensei games?
The US used to never get them at all, now it's consistant. Your time will come.

But hey, the PSP is region free so...English is Engish, right?