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The biggest issue with The Shoot lies in its length. With each of the five movie sets taking only about 20 minutes each to play through, the game can be done and dusted in less than two hours. A two-player mode adds some length to the proceedings, although trying to rack up multipliers means you'll have to coordinate very closely with your partner to make sure you're not shooting at the same targets. The Shoot also has an extra challenge mode that can be unlocked after discovering poster pieces hidden within each movie.

These challenges--one has you hitting moving targets with each miss costing you a "life," for example--are the toughest things you'll find in The Shoot and are well worth digging up for those eager to test their skills. For everyone else, The Shoot presents a few hours of good fun, but there's no need to see the movies on show here more than a few times.

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GaMe012821d ago

Ps3 is on my christmas list minus Move . I was actually interested in this game and Time crisis but both seem to be getting bad reviews

JoeReno2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I own both games, and both are alot of fun. I was more hyped for Time Crisis, but I just finished my first play thru of The Shoot, and its good fun, maybe more fun than time crisis... In my opinion

I dont really trust reviews much any more.

Bell Boy2821d ago

Could be they are being reviewed as if they should be giving 10 hours game play.

Surely games like these are designed to be pick up and play fun...and the replay comes from beating know just like you would in the arcade!

kaveti66162821d ago

Maybe they're just not fun. I never saw the appeal of Move or Wii or Kinect. Maybe these reviewers are judging the games from the fun factor point of view.

Bell Boy2820d ago

However when you read the reviews rather than the final score they are pretty much unanimous in saying they are fun!!

sinncross2821d ago

I gotta agree Bell Boy.

I think, in reality, a game like TC, for instance, is not really ever going to get more then a 7.5.

If you ask me, the score the shoot has it actually decent enough considering the type of game it is.

KILLERAPP2821d ago

They review this now is been long since the launch of the move, when will kinect review begin to come out???? I know they been ban by MS but does that mean no reviews until the week after it comes out or even longer???

NoBUDI2821d ago

Shouldn't you be asking thing in an article is actually about kinect? Just seems like your comment isn't really bringing anything to the table as far as The Shoot is concerned. Then again, what do I know.

Imperator2821d ago

They review it as if it's a full priced game. it' s just a $40 that's meant to be picked up and played whenever you feel like it.

NoBUDI2821d ago

If I paid 40 bucks for something, I would expect a certain level of quality from it. Below 20 is a different matter

tunaks12821d ago

just 40?
I got L4d 1 and 2 for 10 bucks

ELite_Ghost2821d ago

yea like 2 years after it came out...

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