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After years of seeing zombies in games and movies, you, or at least someone you know, would probably have some thoughts on what to do if the undead were to attack tomorrow. That wasn't the case 100 years ago, though, so when the dead start coming back to life in Red Dead Redemption's world, nobody has a clue what's going on or how to deal with it. Reprising the role of protagonist John Marston, you become embroiled in the battle against the undead when the brain munching hits a little too close to home. And as Undead Nightmare's story unfolds, it becomes clear that similar events are playing out across the entire map from the original game. This horror-themed and often humorous add-on isn't the tour de force that Red Dead Redemption was, but it's great fun and a welcome excuse to return to memorable locations like Blackwater, Armadillo, and Chuparosa.

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mikhail_tisoy2765d ago

Combat is repetitive and mostly easy.

Mystickay862765d ago

ehh...I think i'll go with the majority of reviewers that have been giving this DLC A's/9-10's.

Digitaldude2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Lol, after reading most other reviews, they didn't really tell much about the content more about how great it is. Seems to be blinded by hype just cause its Rockstar.

Buying this tomorrow in any case, Overrun looks sweet.

GLoRyKnoT2765d ago

How can u give this a 8? Cuz 4me it's easily a 10!

showtimefolks2765d ago

is the site i trust they have become strict and explain everything well. They do nit pick but i like to know everything.

demon's soul GOTY yeh someone had the guts to give it otehr than uncharted 2 and MW2

also why are so many gamers these days acting like 8/10 is a bad score we are spoiled 8/10 means must buy and for $10 bucks you get 6-8 hrs of story

enslaved and vanquish both good games both $60 and both give you 6-8 hrs of story think about that