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IGN: A joint Obisidan and Bethesda production, Fallout: New Vegas was released earlier this month. Set in the wastelands of the Mojave desert, much of New Vegas was ripped from Fallout 3, our game of the year in 2008. But it's 2010 now, and that's where the great divide lies. Seven IGN editors chime in to tell about their experience so far with the giant RPG.

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hiredhelp2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Stupid rating typical ign. 9.0 lol (second opinion. hmm someone paid you guys.

Christopher2852d ago

No, it's a great game even with the bugs.

Bethesda produces the Xbox 360s of the video game software world. Sure, it has a lot of issues, but it's addicting that people keep coming back to it and having fun doing it.

On the PS3 I've only had a single freeze, luckily, and otherwise the gameplay has been great with some extremely minor bugs here and there. I can definitely see myself playing through this at least twice and I can't wait for DLC that will extend the level cap (though, I'll probably have to wait 6 months due to DLC exclusivity).

Simco8762852d ago

I hope this is true, but can't see it extending the cap. Its already at 30.

New Vegas is huge! Almost overwhelming the amount of quests packed into the game and what it takes to complete them. Its a great game, and people should not listen to reviews anyways. Give it a shot yourself!

Cenobia2852d ago

I've had it freeze on my PS3 at least 5 times.

I also got stuck in a window after wandering the wastes for over half an hour (which means my last auto save was half an hour back). That pissed me off a bit.

I still can't wait to play more of it though, and hopefully installing the patch will improve it.

visualb2852d ago

I'd give it a 9 and no one's paid me,

explain that hired help

hiredhelp2851d ago

please hiredhelp. i have played the first one.

distorted_reality2852d ago

I'm a couple of hours into it (on PC), and while i'm enjoying it, the story and characters just aren't grabbing me like they did in FO3, but it seems like this story is taking a lot longer to evolve than FO3's did, either that or it just goes nowhere at all. Either way, the game is still a blast, haven't had any technical issues either.

visualb2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

the story picks up. it really depends how you take it.

some people take 20+ hours to get to new vegas, other 10+

the story picks up ONCE you get to new vegas. it opens up the world more and makes everything fall into place. until then, the world might seem a bit overwhelming / confusing / fragmented consisting of random interlocking side quests.

once you have gone through some key events in new vegas, everything fits and suddenly every single faction, location and action you do becomes relative.

to me, it started slow, as a "revenge" story, and now, 25hrs + its a more epic story than FO3 ever was

p.s I loved FO3 and the story, this game just tops it imho

Capdastaro2852d ago

40 hours in and only just reached the strip...

Amazing game, memory leak issues are annoying though after playing it for 3+ hours at a time

MSpence5162852d ago

I'm around 32hrs in and am only a level 16. Just wandering around most of the time. Building up my available quests so that I can just go through and complete them all one by one.

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