Treyarch Mistakenly Confirms Dual PSN Sign In For Online Split Screen Then Withdraws

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Treyarch Mistakenly Confirms Dual PSN Sign In For Online Split Screen Then Withdraws, plus more!

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Nitrowolf22848d ago

i mean still split screen is a plus, but there should be no excuses it isn't there

pwnsause2848d ago

again Resistance 2 Did this, no reason why this cant happen on the PS3 version of this game.

MURKERR2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

or should i say bobby....he did say he wants to take the fun out of creating video games,who knew lazy craftmanship was also on the agenda?

alot of the people complaining will still blindly buy this game like sheep,im sticking to my laurels this is the last straw for me,im waiting for kz3 bobby isnt getting a pound of my money

i just wish many other ps3 owners would wait three months and give their cash to guerilla instead aswel instead of paying a high price for a game lacking features of the 360 version. oh and getting the DLC a month after 360 owners....gamers have a choice,if you dont want to be treated like fools bring activision down a peg or two,if gamers dont buy they would never have the nerve to do this again.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

sorry but I don't share my TV so no biggie for me.


Because you have have two active accounts logged in at the same time. They could make it so one is the main account and a generic one but I doubt they'd work that hard for us PS3 users.

getonmylev3l2848d ago

Other than Resistance 2, what games allow 2 different profiles to be signed on at the same time? I'm not trying to troll I am just curious. Because all I've heard today is, "Well, Resistance 2 did it so why can't Black Ops?" Thanks for your answers/replies.

saint_john_paul_ii2848d ago

i think borderlands did it too.

Winter47th2848d ago

I remember back in WAW the 360 version had a "Search Preference" the PS3 didn't, I was seriously pissed, there was no reason whatsoever they'd shaft such a crucial online feature. Looks like they're doing it again with split-screen this time.

iPlayGamez2848d ago

does the Xbox version have dual sign in? if not then obviously microsoft is forcing activision, with their contract, not to give PS3 an exclusive feature. this is all speculation but if its true then that would be a dirty move, alot of fun could have been had with that feature

TengkuAmir102848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

2 days ago, everyone was sucking Treyarch's c0ck. That's not the case now is it?

I just don't get why his feature can't be made a reality for the PS3. WHY? Do we pay less? Me and my brother would like to play online at the same time or some of my friends would want to too and I think that it'd be an awesome feature but it just wasn't meant to be.

I have 3 accounts and it looks like I won't be able to use it simultaneously anytime soon.


PS3 now supports dual sign in! I am so into Black Ops now!! HAHAHAHA...I'm so fucking happy I cannot believe it!!!

WildArmed2848d ago

Exactly. I loved playing R2 because of that.
This is really BS
there really isn't an excuse not to do dual-psn signin.
It's already been done.
So obviously it's not impossible to do.

extermin8or2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

@geton tbh I can't answer it but sony added it as a feature in a firmware around resistance 2's release. I think the issue here is that Treyarch were pushing this feature yet haven't delivered and how many games advertise this feature as 360 only on there game? we are paying the same price for a multi platform game yet are not getting all the feature's, I'd say people should boycott but no one will so theres no point, companies like activision will continue to take the piss.....

Edit: little big planet has i believe and the new 1 all 4 one by insomniac will have it too i believe, most games with splitscreen online multiplayer have this to my knowledge (there aren't many I know)

theonlylolking2847d ago

The difference is that insomniac is a awesome dev and treyarch is not.

Hideo_Kojima2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Anyone want to come to my house and play LBP and Resistance 2 Split Screen online?

(Not a real invitation)
Edit: They probably got paid by MS to do this...

Split Screen online will mean even more people will buy multiple Xbox Live account for one house hold instead of sharing with brothers and sisters.

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StanLee2848d ago

I don't get it. Why can't this happen on PSN?

mordakai82848d ago

there's no reason why it can't

alex33692848d ago

because m$ paid them off duh! seriously people act surprised that the dlc is going to come one month later on ps3...... you know why? because they surely dont want the money from ps3 owners NO because m$ uses a portion of the xbl membership fee to get gold members what they consider worth their money

NoBUDI2848d ago

I'm thinking of getting a ps3 and this news has me wondering, can I sign in multiple profiles on a ps3 for offline multiplayer?
As in local split screen or fifa or something. Can I play against my brother's profile and we both earn trophies for co-op games like army of two?
I ask because online multiplayer is not a big deal to me but me and my bro are tight very competitive. Thanx


no you cant but it would be good if you could

Hideo_Kojima2847d ago

For some games you can.
LBP is one of the games I own that you can do that easily.

and yes you both earn trophies.

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BlackHairyTongue2848d ago

To be honest I don't care if you can't sign in with two PSN accounts. If you can still do split screen online with a buddy then that's all I need. I mean the game is just for fun isn't it?

Shepherd 2142848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Most games on the 360 including Halo allow you to sign in with two full accounts, im not really sure why its such an issue on the PS3. I cant really think of a reason why the PS3 version of some games wouldnt have it too.

Ripyealip2847d ago

I put a curse on treyarch for sackin me like that

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Co2-UK2848d ago

Yes Resistance 2 did allow dual sign in on one PS3, no reason other than a payoff from Microsoft as to why this could not happen on the PS3 version of Black Ops

I am very angry about this :[

It will most probably be patched into the game later on sometime next year, like what happened to Resistance 2

Mystogan2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Wait... Ps3 can't do dual sign-in?

Its funny how you blame MS

so it can only do it in games? only 2 games? hahahhahhaah thats pathetic lol

Static-X2848d ago

Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet say hi

Simon_Brezhnev2848d ago

mystogan is such a troll. i wonder whats your other name on here natsu x fairytail?

despair2848d ago


you are a moron, it is possible to do it but for some reason developers just don't bother. You think its funny that people can't get all games with split screen to sign in multiple accounts?

Why would that be funny, you know who enjoy seeing others suffer; Psychopaths, there seems to be a lot of those around on the internet eh?

SyphonFilter2848d ago

mystogan is waiting on repairs...

Mystogan2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


I'm not natsu -.-


Ok maybe i shouldn't have laughed but it's still pathetic...and how this guy blames MS is just really funny.


No i'm not -.-

Nixy2848d ago

That would be two more than any other console then!

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user8586212848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


Honestly dude to think Microsoft paid for every negetive effect on the ps3 is just sad.....

Did microsoft pay off for these problems?

Not all games have trophies
Long ass updates... then installs
The most broken game invite (MW2 uses xmb whereas WAW uses ingame? :S)
Not all games use multi user login

mordakai82848d ago

Not all games have trophies
Long ass updates... then installs
The most broken game invite (MW2 uses xmb whereas WAW uses ingame? :S)
Not all games use multi user login

1) as of Jan 2009 i believe, every PlayStation game has to have trophies, it is mandatory (Source: "On November 20, 2008, Sony announced that trophy support would be mandatory for all games submitted to Sony for certification from the beginning of January 2009."

2) Long ass updates my ass... If you have a shit internet connection maybe, but my average connection means updates take 3 mins or less... and i haven't needed to update anything on my ps3 4 a while... last firmware was a bit ago..

3) Invites still work none the less -_-

4) No, but it is possible on both consoles, so having it on the Xbox and not the PS3 is inexcusable.. There's no reason why it has to be half assed on Sony's side...

Gam3s4lif32848d ago

And u kno this how? Mr knowitall?

scar202848d ago

Blk ops reakes of a greedy ceo who will do anything for money you guessed it ladies and gentleman give it up for douchebag of the century.

GaMe012848d ago

Another reason I don't mind paying $40.00 a year for live.

SyphonFilter2848d ago

what makes you think that is one of the features you are paying for? you pay and the mics sound terrible,have you hard the quality ?

Mystogan2848d ago

Mics are fixed with dashboard updates

try again.

GaMe012848d ago

It might not be what I pay for but it is included

SyphonFilter2848d ago

no it sounds like crap.also the mics break within a month or 2.heck the machine itself doesn't work....

user8586212848d ago

Ive tried wiv my X41 and it sounds fine

SyphonFilter2848d ago

@waseem- you need to resort to some other mic since the official one's suck.still the console breaking for sure within 1-2 years is not able to be remedied.

GaMe012848d ago

I rather have a broken mic then no mic included

SilverSlug2848d ago

I rather have a working mic. Thus why I bought a Turtle Beach headset.

Save money from Gold, get great headset.

No Way2848d ago

The quality is bad? What are you smoking..
The quality on PS3 makes my friend sound like a mouse.

Getting caught into a mouse trap.. by it's tail.

Gam3s4lif32848d ago

Mic sounds like crap huh?

L-Teezy2847d ago

@ No Way... dont be an idiot. ps3 has a voice pitch control, that your friend obviously raised the pitch of his voice with. feeling a little ignorant today?

Hideo_Kojima2847d ago

Your friend sounds like a mouse
A) Because his 12
B) Because his using a crap unofficial PS mic
C) Because he has accidentally turned the voice changer to the maximum high pitch voice.

Not Sony's fault that your friend is a spaz is it?

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SilverSlug2848d ago

the Dual sign in is part of the systems OS and not really to do with Xbox Live, as you don't need Gold to actually sign in with two profiles.

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mikhail_tisoy2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

xbox is awsome

Sizzon2847d ago

yeah with no fucking exclusives, the only thing is gears 3 next year.