Super Smash Bros. Cartoon Network style?

Cartoon Network! The Title will be launching with the Nintendo 3DS this spring, bringing Super Smash Bros.-style fighting to the handheld, along with such cartoon favorites as The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter.

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big_silky2735d ago

i want an adult swim version, the squidbillies vs tim&eric.

domo3252735d ago

Sweet! Addition of Samurai Jack makes it an automatic buy for me.

poison_shadow2735d ago

This could actually be pretty awesome, but... I'm a bit weary of Cartoon Network games. Still, Samurai Jack and Dexter = badass!

bastiartadi2735d ago

Cartoon network Vs. Nickelodeon would be better

moogle842735d ago

probably would be one of the most watched gaming cartoons of all time no doubt

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