Is Buying Used Games Any Better Than Pirating?

Sarcastic Gamer - Gamestop has gotten a lot of flack from anyone who wants to try to fit in with the video game community. While I generally side against the “Screw Gamestop” uprising, something about all places that sell used games is worth thinking about.

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Hell-Helghast2797d ago

I buy used games cuz no way am i gonna give my money to a developer who delivered a mediocre game that was not completed.

Neckbear2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

The fact that it IS or it is NOT completed only goes on your personal opinion. Being "worthy" of your oh-so-almighty money comes down to what you CONSIDER that's worth it. In my opinion? A whole lot of games are worthy of the price tag and buying new. That's only MY opinion, though, and I like supporting developers because of it.

And seriously, if you feel like blowing money away like that, just buy the game new, c'mon. Buying used most of the time is NOT worth it.

Either that or pirate.

Pi-ra-te. You'll save some money that way.

Fox012797d ago

If buying used is as "bad as pirating" then I guess I should just stop buying and start pirating then.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2797d ago

Not according to the publishers. lol

van-essa2797d ago

A sells second-hand game to B. A now has enough money to purchase another game.

A can't sell game to B. A no buy another game, A become pirate coz want another game but no money.

Which is better?

Bloodraid2797d ago

I don't think people understand that if you buy a game used, the game was still purchased new at one time or another. That copy of the game is officially 'sold' and paid for.

Pirating produces copies of a game that isn't sold. I'm not sure why everyone seems to have such a difficult time grasping the concept.

Buying Used
A.) Buys a game new. (COPY IS SOLD)
B.) Buys game from A, used.
A.) No longer has the game.
B.) Now has the game.
- There is still 1 copy of the game, and it was sold legally.

A.) Buys a game new. (COPY IS SOLD)
A.) Cracks and uploads the game.
B-Z) Downloads the game.
- There was 1 copy sold, but 26 people playing it. Meaning 25 copies of the game that weren't purchased new.

Really people, it's not difficult.

jony_dols2797d ago

People tend to forget that your not supporting the dev's in anyway when you trade in or buy used games.

If you ain't gonna buy 1st hand, then buy off someone from ebay or just pirate. Because either way the people who created and published the games don't get anything.

The only people you are lining the pockets of are Gamestop ect.

Kamikaze1352797d ago

Yeah, but like you said, if one person buys a used game, the money for the person who originally purchased it goes to the publisher. It might end up being sold and bought by hundreds of people through the years. Pirating a game is the same logic: A person buys a new copy, then uploads it and shares it. The sources of the upload was a official copy.

The process is the same both ways. However, buying a game used at a store ensures that the store continues to support publishers since they have the money to do so.

Lifendz2797d ago

I buy used games and it's nowhere near piracy. With piracy there might be one legit sale that leads to 100s or 1000s of illegal downloads/copies. More times than not a used copy goes back to someone that bought the game legally.

Sux for the devs because of all the second hand sales but until the publishers start charging less for games, or realizing that only a few games should drop at the 59.99 price, then most people will buy a game used off Amazon or Ebay (if ur smart not Gamestop) and let the initial owner take the depreciation.

raztad2797d ago

I'm too old to be brainwashed to think that buying used stuff is "wrong". Second hand stuff has been subject to trade since the beginning of story and it is rooted in the ideal of ownership, why comes is it now a bad thing to do?

alex33692797d ago

im a dirty azz pirate already so they should just be happy i would even consider buying used. to me buying new is something you should only do on or within the release date. or ill buy new if game devs would have great deals on games sometimes like they do on steam.

Seraphim2797d ago

if you're buying used you might as well pirate. unless you're buying used from an individual who has opted to sell their copy. I'm all for personal transactions between people. But when you buy used from some store half the money you're paying for X title is going to the business you're buying the game used from. No money is going to the developer of said game. It's just as bad as pirating because instead of giving money to the developer you are now buying the game and giving nothing to the developer. Only difference between pirating and buying used @ a store is that w/ pirating no one is making money but @ a store the retailer themselves is making a buttload of cash.

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Nihilism2797d ago

People are well within their rights to buy used good, I know the developers/publishers would hate that silly little concept of OWNERSHIP to get in the way of some good ol' greed though.

If I could buy PC games used, I sure as hell would.

I've said this many times before but it needs to be said again.

Last gen and prior:

20hr campaign, online and offline Mp with bots, split screen on consoles, LAN on consoles and PC, mod support.


4-8hr campaign, online only MP with half the maps and game modes we used to have, no split screen, no LAN, no dedicated servers, no mod support + broken games on launch + DRM, + DLC cancer.

If I was gaming on consoles not only would I buy all my games second hand i'd cut Gamestop out of it, go on craigslist or something and buy some games for $5...that's about all they're worth.

dirthurts2797d ago

But you have to research before you do. I hate the whole DRM thing...
As least (most) pc games are cheaper.

DaBadGuy2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Do devs get money from game rentals?

I'm just wondering because if say, someone wanted to rent Medal of Honor, they would have had to buy an online code to play it.

If devs don't get money from game rentals then why don't they bitch about that. You can gamefly or go to Blockbuster (if people still do that) and rent a game for....what like 6 bucks, IDK what it is now I haven't rented anything from blockbuster in years. But anyway, yeah I would imagine there are at least a dozen copies of Medal of Honor that keep circulating while the devs don't see a dime.

If that's true then how is that different from piracy or buying used. Okay so you don't keep the game but still the devs aren't getting any money from it.

Again, idk if the devs do or not. If they do, then disregard everything I have said.

As for used.....bitch I try to buy new but 60 dollars a pop.....I got to live man, and I gotta eat at least some of the time. Get off my back. Sometimes the decision is out of my hands, like if I spot a great PS2 game I may have missed or a 360 game from like two years ago where no new copies are available. Other times....anywhere I can save, I do.

Solidus187-SCMilk2797d ago

Is buying used cars better than stealing them?

Blaze9292797d ago

Well, one of those options doesn't risk me going to jail and paying a ton of money I don't have. So you tell me which is better....

DuneBuggy2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

LOL.Im a used car dealer. I'd hate for this question to get posed to me and GM,Chrysler,Nissan,Toyota,Hond a,etc all want a piece of my "pirated" butt.
I have no issues in buying used games. They were purchased at least. If i elect to sell it,trade it, or give it away is my business. If i start burning copies of it and selling them is another matter.

BannedForNineYears2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

No, pirating is better, it's free.

Lolol, see what I did there? I twisted the context using the ambiguous title.

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-Mezzo-2797d ago

I'd be happy to pay full for games that are actually good or greater Sequels, example- Uncharted 2, Killzon 2, Halo Reach, Red Dead, LBP, Dead Space, God OF War 2, ME2, & many more.

But i would never pay full price a mediocre or a highly Rated same game as the last one Sequel.

Pandamobile2797d ago

Used sales are just as bad as piracy. Either way, the developer/publisher isn't getting a dime out of it.

big_silky2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

buying a used game at gamestop leads to profit, which in turn leads to funds for gamestop to purchase/carry more new titles. the profit margin on new games is shockingly small which is why you don't see game/movie/music stores selling only new product.

most pirated games are probably copied from stolen discs that no one sees a single penny off of.

i buy used games because a)they're cheap b)i don't care enough about the hobby anymore to go drop $60 on a single game.i only buy games that i really, really want new.

Hellsvacancy2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

The same would apply to rentin games, i pay 9.99 a month for 2 games at a time, and there isnt a limit to how many games i wanna rent each month, how r the devs gonna make money from that?

Neckbear2797d ago

Yes, and that's what the article states.

Also, quoted for truth:

"I used to pirate things and don’t feel bad about it, I buy used games all the time and don’t feel bad about it either, except now I’m wondering, “If I’m going to buy a used game, why buy it at all?”

So let’s hear it Anonymous, what is justifiable in buying used games? Why is that accepted while pirating is shunned?"

He makes a GREAT point. Both buying used games and pirating ARE THE SAME. Either way, the developer IS NOT GETTING MONEY AT ALL. At best, all you get is the sticker-filled box with probably no manual and the disc filled with fingerprints. Ugh.

Nihilism2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

I don't hear any tears from every other industry on the planet that doesn't make money from used game sales. You need ot tune out the press releases panda, you are starting to fall in line with Bobby K's monopolistic world view.

The game industry are so greedy it's sickening, the development cost/profit ratio of games if 10x that of 'blockbuster' movies. Not only should games be longer, but they should also cost half what they do not, THEY OWE US. Not the other way around.

Pandamobile2797d ago

Used vs Piracy is a hot topic in my Business of Gaming class at university.

Both have a very negative affect on the industry.

Bloodraid2797d ago

Right, because when you buy a game used, the person who sold it to you cloned it and still has their own copy... Makes perfect sense.

dinkeldinkse2797d ago

Giving my old games away to family is just as bad as piracy because the publisher/developers don't get a dime from it.

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TriangleOffense2797d ago

Ill continue to buy used until developers prove to me that a game is worth the full price tag. The last game I bought new that I felt was worth every penny spent was RDR and I bought it new after renting it but games like New Vegas which I bought new based off my love for the series continue to support my actions of buying used and or renting because that was another bug ridden game that never should have been put out the way it was. My other issue with it is I prefer single player and or co-op so when a game like medal of honor comes out and offers a 5 hour campaign at best I can not justify spending $60 on it.

Hank Hill2797d ago

Seriously?! One is legal and the other is illegal. How can they be the same? Ford don't get a dime off of used car sales either but you don't hear them complaining.

maniacmayhem2797d ago

I was just thinking the same. All this fuss about used games and the car industry has been this way for decades.

There's nothing wrong with buying used games. If a consumer wants to buy used, let them.

jony_dols2797d ago

2nd hand car sales is pretty similar to second hand video games
But registered car dealers pay commission to e.g. Ford on the used Fords in which they sell

Digital piracy isn't the same as car theft though.

Because if you buy a car and it gets stolen you lose it forever,
However if you buy a game and upload it to the internet, you still get to keep your own original copy, while others steal the content.

wicko2797d ago

Nobody is comparing the legality of either action. They're just saying the end result is roughly the same. It's more of a question of ethics, and we all know that law and ethics are not one and the same.

DuneBuggy2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

jony, this is slightly off topic,but how does Ford make a commision off Ford dealers on used cars again?
A Dealer may have to pay a premium when buying a car from Ford off lease auction to have a "certified" model.Thats basically purchasing an extended warranty from Ford on it and its optional.
Ford makes money selling the parts to the dealer to recondition the used car.
Ford may be making a buck on them if they floorplan with them or the car is ultimately financed by the customer through Ford motor credit.
But Ford doesnt make a commision on a used Ford itself.
Ford is happiest when dealers only sell new ones.

ZombieNinjaPanda2797d ago

@Hank Hill

I believe this is the best reference/non reference/ in character comment you've made yet.