‘GoldenEye 64′ Retro Replay: Now and Then

Christian Spicer of Game Rant writes, "First-person shooters are a hallmark of the modern video-game age, and most gamers can agree that GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 (or simply GoldenEye 64) really brought the genre to consoles. It was a game critics and consumers loved, and it became one of the must-have titles of the era. This holiday season, Activision is hoping to capture some of that magic again with its release of a re-made, re-imagined GoldenEye for the Wii and DS, which begged the question, how does GoldenEye 64 hold up? Well keep reading, as I cover GoldenEye 64 based on my original memories of the game, along with my impressions from a very recent complete re-playthrough of the single-player campaign."

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