mcvuk: Rare gets new studio boss

Henson takes charge immediately and expects to complete a move with his family to Birmingham in the next few weeks. Over his 16 years with Microsoft he has played a significant part in the hardware and software development of Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox 360 and Kinect and now hopes Rare will lead the way in regard to future motion gaming innovation.

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PandemicPrawn02698d ago

I have long had a soft spot for Rare and only want the best for them. But I wonder if it would have been better to promote someone from within the studio itself instead of bringing out an outsider. I wonder how the senior developers at Rare feel about this?

However some would argue that new blood is exactly what Rare need.

Whatever happens I hope that Kinect Sports proves to be a success for them.

Yi-Long2697d ago

... cause basically expectations were high when Microosft 'bought' them, and TBH, their output has been a bit dispapointing.

I don't care about Kinect Sports though. I'd rather see them bring us some great platformers and other games in 'regular' but well-loved genres.

Bigpappy2697d ago

This could co-ordinate things at the request of the developers. He would see where more help is needed and be able to work on getting that help to move things along if needed. You should see move and better games this way. I don't think he is there to get in the way.

Blaster_Master2698d ago

Thank god. Now bring back Conker and I might buy a 360 just to play it.

Yi-Long2697d ago

... The Wii has the fantastic Mario Galaxy. PS3 has the great Ratchet and Clank. The 360 needs it's own style of platformer, and it's time for RARE to finally step up and deliver something worthwhile for Microsoft.

Killed4Less2697d ago

I thought Kameo was and still is an excellent platformer. Under-rated in my opinion. This corporate suite from MS leading the studio leaves me with a bad feeling. Next thing the studio is shuttered.

N4GAddict2696d ago

Rare needs to make hardcore games again

N4GAddict2696d ago

Rare hasn't been the same since they went with Microsoft

THE MAX SPEED 212696d ago

thats because most of the original staff left Rare before even joining microsoft.

XANDEO2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Didnt realise Rare are based in Birmingham?

AgileNate2696d ago

After this whole motion control game movement is over, Rare will return to its former glory, or at least some what. I didnt mind banjo Kazooie Nuts N Bolts but it is time for a real platformer. MS is stupid, they have an iconic character in Banjo and they don't even utilize it. Family game Mascots sell and he is the xbox's best option. P.s: I love you Rare!