Dylan Jobe: "We won't rush" unannounced Sony title

GamerZines writes:

Whilst PlayStation 3 fans across the globe are still speculating about a space-orientated successor to popular multiplayer title Warhawk, Dylan Jobe, founder of Lightbox Interactive, has today posted an update regarding its progress whilst telling fans their "patience is much appreciated."

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Blaster_Master2854d ago

Starhawk anyone? Cant wait. Hopefully its Warhawk in space fps battlefront 2 style. GOTY guaranteed

Hades13372854d ago

If it is then it's one of the worst kept secrets ever.

360RRODFIX2854d ago

am i the only one who had issue with controls in Warhawk?

ZombieNinjaPanda2854d ago


FPS? Yeah no thanks, there are already 100s of those.

I'll happily take the third person shooter sequel it's going to be.

Anderson82854d ago

so true, another fps is not something i'd look forward to.. warhawk in space would be sweet tho

Blaster_Master2854d ago

Yeah you got 100's of those, and 99% of them fuckin suck. Ill take a TPS if they can get the infantry shooting mechanics up to par. I love Warhawk, but I cant stand how hard it is to destroy someone or something when you dont have a flame thrower or rpg.

xAlmostPro2854d ago

when developers say "we wont rush" in talks of a sony exclusive you know its gonna be a monster xD

jack_burt0n2854d ago

No thanks, I want colony wars PS3 with massive space battles. OH YES need more genres!!!!!

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theafroman2854d ago

just hope it doest leak like everything else Sony tries to keep psphone anybody and im right... shut up

Galvanise_2854d ago

You hear the same sentiments echoed by many developers who work with Sony. Sony understand games and their fans. I would much rather a game take longer to come out if it is polished and well designed than a game rushed to market to fill a gap.

kenkaniff2854d ago

I agree good sir, but most gamers these days are all about instant gratification.

remanutd552854d ago

well Dylan im really interested to finally see what you guys been working about lately , hope to see a Warhawk sequel since i love Warhawk

Takoulya2854d ago

I have mad respect for Dylan Jobe. He's a great developer and is great to the community. He gives out little hints to throw us some bones and makes sure that his games are quality. I never really got into Warhawk, but I guess it just wasn't my type. You can't argue that the base was solid, though.

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The story is too old to be commented.