If Only Other Developers Cared

E4G: While looking into some information on id Software's newest IP Rage I stumbled across a link on their site. Under the title of "Court filing" my initial thought was that there were some property issues on one of their games. Upon further reading it became clear that id Soft actually filed a "friend of the court brief". To what you wonder? Well, to that big Supreme Court hearing on whether or not video games should be protected under the first amendment (freedom of speech).

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Hitman07692854d ago

This is great, but I completely agree. Gamers and developers have their heads up their ass right now and completely ignore the crisis that is incoming if this court case doesn't go our way. Thanks a lot people......

Hitman07692854d ago

2 hours and no replies completely proved my point. nice fail everybody.

Quagmire2853d ago

Unfortunately many gamers care less about the lives of game developers and the health of the gaming industry, and more about whether Kratos can beat Dante.

Sad really.