Silent Hill 8 Developer Interview Hits Facebook

Hell Descent: We have finally been given some new content on the highly anticipated Silent Hill 8. This video interview appeared on Facebook just moments ago and showcases the faces behind the new title. Producers of Silent Hill 8, Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hullet discuss how Silent Hill 8 will remain true, yet try many new things for the series. Design Director Brian Gomez also mentions development in the Czech Republic at Vatra.

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Serjikal_Strike2701d ago

this one is bout ready to give up on silent hill

CrawFail2700d ago

same here, mate.

Homecoming was a travesty.

chasegarcia2700d ago

They should kill the series and move on.

Myst-Vearn2700d ago

you should kill yourself

AntoineDcoolette2700d ago

You should have your fingers broken if you can't type nice things.

NYC_Gamer2700d ago

some franchises just need to be left alone.....this series used to be good on the ps1 but now its over

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2700d ago (Edited 2700d ago )

Let die a survival horror franchise?

The generation lacks of Survival horror games, why do you want to kill one of the best franchise of Psychological survival horror?

NYC_Gamer2700d ago

they have been failing hard with these new reboots of silent hill.....i'd rather see the franchise be left alone then be ruined more

criticalkare2700d ago

Looks good :) i didn't play silent hill since 3rd one hopefully this is good

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