Hookedcast 17 - Uncharted 3, GT5 Delay and Bye Bye Sony

This week Jeff, Bane, and Josh are a buzz about the possible overtaking of Sony. Will Apple really shell out the money to purchase the PS3's designer? Or will they buyout EA instead? We discuss. Plus after Hooked Gamers broke the story of the Uncharted 3 listing on Amazon we delve into the truth in this rumor.

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stonecold32854d ago

is buying out sony this article fails

xTHRASHx2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

forgot your name is Steve Jobs..

SnuggleBandit2853d ago

I cant take these kinds off headlines anymore...

*pulls trigger*

AAACE52853d ago

Apple has the golden touch! It's clear Apple is looking to expand and buying a company like Sony would do wonders for them.

They can put that little Apple symbol on a pencil and probably sell it for $5. So imagine an Apple branded HDTV(formerly Bravia) with Apple TV built into it!

Either way, it would be a good thing for Apple, probably not so good for Sony! But you never know.

PS3istheshit2853d ago

I would probably get an official apple pencil... As long as they slap the word retina somewhere on it

morganfell2853d ago

Someone made this podcast in the dark and didn't pay attention to the fact that entire scenario was thoroughly debunked.

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Hell-Helghast2854d ago

@stonecold3 your right apple aint buying sony here your proof.

soundslike2853d ago

lol its not even an article but it really doesn't deserve the time of day anyway

IrishYamato2853d ago

If Apple buys Sony then i am finished as a gamer. There would be a 'new' PS3 every year, they would give it a silver paint job and charge €10.000 for it.

GigaGaia2853d ago

Sony isn't open for an agressive takeover and they wouldn't agree to sell like that this easily. So not happening.

Neko_Mega2853d ago

Another lame site trying to get hits, people fail to see how big sony really is.

Yes apple has a lot of money and could buy only sony's game studios. They don't have the money to by all of sony.

You got to remember sony doesn't just make games and hardware, they make movies and have a music studio an that isn't the tip of what sony has.

morkendo232853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whooooooo that was a good one HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

seriously only if steve job had 50 TRILLION DOLLARS.

they come up with all kind of crap to get hits

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