Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle pre-order sales gain post sell out

Advanced demand for Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 4GB bundle that includes the Kinect motion controller and game increased this week at retailer pos sell out of the stand-alone Kinect hardware.

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HuGi2851d ago

4Gb probably wont be enough to game updates and kinect updates... Just saying.

coolbeans2851d ago

I don't want to make this come out as an incrimination, but do you own a 360? If you check out your memory, you'll see updates of any sort don't take that much space.

Note: Nothing wrong with you don't since it seems fair to assume updates can take up a bunch of space.

GreenRingOfLife2851d ago

everybody seems to want Kinect,

people know a good product when they see one

darthv722851d ago

considering all the flack that came out about Reach needing a hard drive instead of the internal or even a usb drive. I would imagine MS will address this with the new update.

@hugi: This is the better deal of the two when it comes to just getting a unit and kinect. Those who already have one will get the kinect. Those who want the full package will but the 250gb 360 and kinect.

trancefreak2851d ago

Can I use clap on clap off to get this kinetic to the gui. If not I dont want it. I want 110% hands free control. Clap on clap off clap clap clap!

niceguywii602851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

What you and #1 said is probably the most ignorant selective reasoning I'vs seen all day. You forgot 6 years worth of knowledge about the 360 after HALO REACH came out? 4 gigs of storage isn't enough for updates that replace each other every update? WAH!? The old arcade needed a disc or a memory card for everything.

Maybe people don't want a 250gig HDD because they have more memory elsewhere. I have a 8gig thumb drive on my HDTV alone lol.

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Zir02851d ago

Kinect takes up just 190MB hardly 4GB. And people are buying the 250GB more since its actually the overall highest ranking piece of gaming hardware on the Amazon bestseller chart.

Raikiri2851d ago

what do you know about 360 updates?

BrianC62342851d ago

People are fools I guess. How much does it cost to upgrade the 4GB model to a real hard drive? Do they even know what they're buying? Don't go for what looks like the best deal based on price. Look at what you get.

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SnukaTheMan2851d ago

But they were sold out at best buy in signal we go

StarScream4Ever2851d ago

The only thing that I haven't received answer about Kinect is simply: How will I move in FPS or 3rd person Action game? Really.

Fox012851d ago

With your X360 controller.

StarScream4Ever2851d ago

But I thought I am the controller with Kinect?

divideby02851d ago

I am straining with a 20G launch unit, what can you do with 4G..
adding a HD is just a rip off with the prices MS charges... better buy the bigger box and at least you are semi future proof

Mustang300C20122851d ago

Please I got to ask what is causing you strain on a 20gb? Also, you do realize this has been stated over and over that this is a poor excuse about 20gb and having to buy a hardrive with the options and features now avaialable since it launched in 2005. You now have the capability of adding an additonal 34gigs with two 16gb sticks right? You do you know that streaming is avalable for Zune Marketplace right? You can save all those videos and game saves on the thumb drive right? You do know the thumb drives are cheap alternative right? Like $20 for a 16gb.

divideby02851d ago

yes, I did add a 16G stick.... I need more space

all I have is a couple of game installs, a lot of game saves (doesnt take much), presently 2 demos and NO vids... I have no idea what is taking up most of the 20G space...

dont do Zune...ipad/touch is the way I roll

trancefreak2851d ago

I bought an arcade unit for 199 2 years ago and 59 dollar used excellent condition 60gb hdd. I think I fared well.

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