5.0 SingStar Dance Review

Sony knows that if ever anything was going to sell the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move to the more casual gamer, that “anything” would somehow involve the SingStar brand. Love it or hate it, the game has brought friends and families together since its inaugural appearance back in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and even though competing franchises are still emerging at every possible opportunity, Sony are hoping that these new iterations will extend the brand’s life even further.

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TroyAndAbed2821d ago


I was looking forward to this one.

I'm ok with Get Fit with Mel B for now. :)

tatotiburon2821d ago

"More could have been done to make this SingStar version’s main selling point feel more like a genuinely good idea, rather than a lazily bolted-on attempt to steal a march on what is shaping up to be the jewel in Kinect’s crown, Dance Central,"

Bubububu but Eyetoy can do whatever Kinect do. LMAO!

fooltheman2819d ago

haha, this reviewer just exposed that he's very subjective...
As a reviewer you'll be always subjective, but at least you need to try to be as objective as possible...

I can't get of the idea that the reviewer has that idea even before he reviewed the game...

N4Great2818d ago Show
ironmonkey2821d ago

its singstar what else can be done lol. thats kinect for u. u want casual well theres ur first shovelware game to start with