The Overseas Connection Podcast #87

Episode 87 – Can we all talk at the same time please?

The Overseas Connection pulls together another crazy show. Join Murphys Law, Chin Chinny, Skulduggerer, BigBadDaddy and CPM1376 as they fight for air time as they discuss the breaking video game news of the week, community feedback, and the mountain of new releases.

Topics Covered this week:

*What games will you buy before the Holiday?
*Top 10 UK software.
*Blizzard offers a hand to Bungie for an MMO?
*Rock Band 3 gets Lennon.
*The first Kinect cost Microsoft more than $150 to make.
*Homefront gets a novel.
*PSP Go drops … to $199.00
*Nintendo see’s Apple as the big threat.

Listen to it: http://www.couchmercenaries...

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