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The Saw franchise has been around for what seems like ages, with a new movie being released yearly since it all started in 2002. You knew that eventually the series would make its way to videogame consoles and it did last year when Saw was released on the PlayStation 3. Although the original game had a lot of flaws, it did well capturing the dank atmosphere of the movies, which led us to believe things could only get better the second time around. Unfortunately, the Jigsaw Killer stepped into his own traps along the way and Saw II: Flesh and Blood takes major steps back in almost every category.

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Serjikal_Strike2851d ago

the games are just as crappy as the movies!!
I seriously hope this is the final game and movie!

Trexman892851d ago

I liked the first 3 saw movies...but yes the recent ones are horrible. the first Saw (videogame) got like a 5/10, so they must have really screwed up with this one.

p.s. nice avatar :)

T3mpr1x2851d ago

Yeah I only ever saw the first movie, it didn't need a sequel...

Lifewish2851d ago

the first game was at least interesting and somewhat fun.