IGN: The Unanswered Questions of the PlayStation Phone

Rumors of an upcoming PlayStation-branded phone were reignited this week when Engadget, a tech blog, posted pictures of what they claim is a legitimate working prototype of the fabled device. In just a few short hours, the photos were all over the internet, but many questions still remain. Read on as IGN explores some of the potential answers.

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mrmcygan2822d ago

From article:

The initial report regarding the PlayStation Phone suggested that developers are preparing to bring popular franchises to the new platform, including God of War, Call of Duty, and LittleBigPlanet.

Maybe Activision will port the IPhone Nazi zombies app to the Playstation Phone

MAR-TYR-DOM2822d ago

I dont understand why people are providing mixed reactions on this. Look at this as something NOT directly hardcore video game related. Anything that is not apple brought into the market is best for the consumers. Its a good thing that this phone is in existence. There needs to be a real gaming phone on the market. People need to stop comparing stuff and just look at things as they are presented.

HeavenlySnipes2822d ago

A counter the Microsoft 7 phones? Hmmm. I'd rather just have them focus on the PSP2. I'm tired of all the hype around the 3ds. I really, really want the PSP2 to blow it out of the water. I just hope the PSP 2 doesn't cost as much as a ps3 like the PSP go did.

maniacmayhem2822d ago

Not only to counter the Windows Phone 7 but also Apple.
The 3ds is a beast could you imagine in Nintendo decided to put phone tech in it?


HeavenlySnipes2822d ago

Like I said I don't want them to try and use this as their new portable gaming platform. If it were up to me, I'd give the psp2 a camera on both sides so Skype ability can actually be used properly this time. Along with that I'd add the touchscreen, sixaxis control, dual analog stick etc..

silvacrest2822d ago

the sony psp phone is breaking new ground by having hardcore games with proper buttons on a phone, no other devices can boast this, not the 3Ds, windows phone 7 or iphone

maniacmayhem2822d ago

Really? because as far as i know the PSPphone is still a rumor/concept idea. Do you actually know of the hardcore games it will have?

And the 3Ds does have proper buttons and hardcore games so i really don't see what you're talking about.

silvacrest2822d ago

i know this is still a rumour but im being optimistic

i meant all the features a PSP phone would have including phone features which the 3DS does not have

in terms of games, i admit im assuming but its a logical assumption, why would sony, with all their studios who make a wide selection of games, would choose not to bring hardcore games to this platform? or should i say only bring casual games? at the very least it should have access to the current PSP lineup

this is not apple who are relying 100% on third parties to make games for their device, this is sony who in my opinion are well known for making hardcore games, why would they change now?

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yamzilla2822d ago

they said the msrp will likely be $399 to $599......



this thing need to be availablee for $250 and have no contract nessasary to appeal to anyone

stephmhishot2822d ago

all cell phones MSRP tend to be super expensive. when i got the first droid last year, the verizon guy said the phone was like $600 if purchased without signing a contract.

if this happens, expect the usual "$200 with two year service agreement" offer. like you know, every other smartphone ever.

Stealth20k2822d ago

at least ign knows this isnt the psp 2