Destructoid: What We Want for the PSP2

There have been plenty of rumors about a second PSP. And Destructoid is not talking about some silly remake or rehash. Please don't make a PSP-4000, Sony. Let's forget about the PSPgo and move on. And are you serious with this PSP phone?

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awiseman2762d ago

But for the record: I want 2nd Analog Stick :P

TOO PAWNED2762d ago

I want to be able to log in with same PSN as on PS3 and earn trophies while playing games on PSP2, same account, same leveling. Do that i you got yourself a buyer.

fasterthanu222762d ago

Everything he said along with two anolog sticks and I'm sold.

darthawesome902761d ago

1. HD output to a HDTV
2. Online downloads that actually depreciate over time like in a store or a return of flash media so that the battery isn't drained
3. Better games and more RPG's
4. Easy to develop for = more games
5. Longer battery life
6. Enough space to save games and some music (32MB was pitiful)
7. Better web browser, watch youtube
8. An aluminum finish like the back of the Ipod
9. Better placement of the speakers, better speakers
10. In game soundtrack (like the X360 lets people)
11. More psn PS1 games and PS2 games (Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid)
12. More ergonomic
13. A price tag below $299
14. Apps...I don't care much for them but it will help increase the install base = more devs and more games.

kharma452761d ago

Not asking for much then? :P

A point about the mirror finish on the iPods, why in the name of all that's holy would you want that? They scratch like an absolute bitch and look awful then!!

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ilikestuff2761d ago

i want three nubs on the next psp, they owe us one for this gen. kidding 2 will do

IrishYamato2761d ago

Good article but i dont agree with the author's view on Digital Distribution. If the PSP2 uses Wi-Fi, then you'll have to have a strong internet connection (like the PSP Go) to download games. If it uses 3G, then you'll need to be tied to a contract. All Sony need to do is use a superior form of physical media than the UMD (SD cards) for games.

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