Console wars heating up! Which bundle will prevail?

Conflicting Gamers, "The console wars are about to heat up with the holidays right around the corner and it looks like all three consoles are in it to win it. Which one do you think will be the leader of the pack?"

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EYEamNUMBER12731d ago

the red wii bundle will win its only a limited edition and just in time for the holidays so you know its gonna sell out the fastest its the cheapest as well so that will do something for it

Bigpappy2731d ago

Kinect will dominate all console sales this holiday season. I cant believe after all the evidence all around you, you guys still are denying what is going on. Go on Amazon (US) right now and tell us all what the going price for the Kinect stand alone is. Hint: $150 was a bargin.

rwarner1742731d ago


Yep it will sell well at first and then it will halt when people tire of it and realize that its total garbage. Advertising just gets your foot in the door, once its discovered that its a poorly thought out concept its sales will drop dramatically. Although you never know, people were dumb enough to buy the wii in the first place.

Fox012731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Move might be selling relatively well worldwide, but it still hasn't done anything to boost the PS3. Perhaps people are waiting for christmas to purchase the PS3+Move bundles?

Kinect isn't out yet.

Wii as usual is going to sell like crazy this christmas.

fasterthanu222731d ago

$150 was a bargain. I just looked on amazon and saw the standalone kinect sensor with kinect adventures going for $280 dollars. Holy $hit I hope there aren't any people paying anything like that.

AAACE52731d ago

Some might be quick to say the Wii will be the big seller, but Move and Kinect will be serious contenders.

The only thing that hurts Move and Kinect is price. Most people might consider just buying Move or Kinect and use it for their existing console. Either way, you are spending nearly the same amount as a Wii just for motion controllers. Others will look at the bundles for move and Kinect and realize they are paying $400 for a bundle, when they can just get a Wii for $200 and use the other $200 for extra controllers and games.

It'll be interesting to see what happens this holiday!

Dac2u2731d ago

Bigpappy: The going price of Kinect on amazon is $280, but it's a scam. If you read the fine print, you'd see that it's going to ship after the release date and is sold by some third party that's trying to make some quick cash off of a bunch of idiots. You can go to any number of online retailers and pre-order Kinect right now, for $149.99.

I will agree that Kinect will probably sell better than Move, but good sales figures don't make me want Kinect and all its shovelware. Kinect will sell to the casual crowd and the Hannah Montana/Justin Beiber crowd like crazy, but that's not something to brag about, imo. Isn't the Xbox already plagued with those kids as it is?

All_4_One2731d ago

Yeah, PS3 cost thousands of dollars within the first couple days of launch. Yet, many people realized they could just wait a little bit. Applying that same logic to kinect, what if the first batch of buyers realizes Kinect might not be that great, and word of mouth prevents it from being a smash hit? Lots of new electronics see high demand at launch, it`s called hype.

EYEamNUMBER12731d ago

this is an article about the BUNDLES are you guys seriously thinking a LIMITED EDITION red MARIO wii bundle that is the cheapest of all the bundles at 199.99 during the holidays wont sell out the fastest out of the 3 bundles?

really? do some of you guys really think that?

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aceitman2731d ago

and on the kinect side it depends if it goes smooth with the kinect working well in the homes of the people who got it the 1st 3 weeks

avengers19782731d ago

Not gonna say witch one will win, but I want a PS3 320 gig without the move(I already have that)
My 80 gig is filling up quick, and I was wanting to get the slim anyway.

WoshJills2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

You can buy a 320GB hard drive for $60 like I did.
...not that you're going to read this again.

here's the bundle:

avengers19782730d ago

Thnx @WoshJills, but I want the slim because it's a hell of a lot quiter, and more energy efficent, or so I've heard.

solar2731d ago

lol. even tho you have 21 disagrees at the time of my post, i agree with you. the Wii will again rule the holiday season. the price sells it alone.

ilikestuff2731d ago

theyre all gonna lose to the gamegear, mark my words

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Kamikaze1352731d ago

The Gameboy Color will prevail.

awiseman2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Thats not evena bundle, its a red Wii console.... lol All wii come with the fitness game and thats not the Mario everyone wants on their Wii.

fromasterjay2731d ago

so it is a bundle dummy! it comes with an extra game!!!

scar202731d ago

WTF 4 disagrees already fanboys gonna hate.

Hell-Helghast2731d ago

Wow whoever disagreed with GIANTJEDI must not like ass.

PopEmUp2731d ago

he want people to know that is his real face

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