PAX 2007: Dark Sector hands-on: "Glorious limb slicing and head decapitation"

Players take the role of Hayden Tenno, an agent sent on an assassination mission only to find himself attacked and infected with a strange ability which eventually causes a bladed disc to grow out of his hand. Don't you hate when that happens? This disc, the Glaive, can be thrown at baddies, and aiming it specifically at enemies' limbs (or anything else) will send them flying off on contact. The weapon can also take on elemental properties like fire or electricity, adding another combat element and even more variety on top of the typical guns and explosives of other shooters.

Dark Sector is as sharp-looking as the blades of Hayden's Glaive. Watching Hayden move from shadowed cover to wide-open daylight in a gritty, war-worn European town is visually impressive, and there's no heads-up display to muck up the pretty sights. Almost everything other than the strangely flat looking ground textures seemed to pop off the screen, with the lighting effects from fire, explosions, and sunlight looking particularly snazzy.

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