The Future of PC Gaming, According To The Creator Of Crysis

Within the next five years, the PC market is in my opinion growing and declining at the same time. While the market for Online PC Games (I mean Free-2-Play Games, Social Games and Casual Games) is continuously growing, the retail PC Games market is declining. Over the past two years it became apparent that more and more people play all kinds of online games and lots of the former retail PC Gamers switched to console games. By changing their consumption attitudes, the consumers "force" developers to rethink their strategies, thus, to some degree.

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Scenarist2820d ago

I hate that developers even think this way.

I for 1 Prefer my games on PC when there is an option between PC and consoles
with the exception of Sports, Fighting , Music Genre(rockband) and maybe a couple of others.

I feel like if u make a good game.. we will buy it.
The solution to piracy is to simply add good multiplayer to it
so we will buy it for the cd key to play online on legit servers..
add in some contest or something to keep others from going to cracked servers.

IF U RELEASE A SINGLE PLAYER ONLY GAME.... yes the majority will pirate it ,... including myself. (atleast im honest)

PS3 and 360 .. well 360 is already being pirated heavily..
,,,,,,,,,,, and PS3 had a small contained incident ( u can pirate all games prior to a certain firmware)

JUST FFS. i wish to god that someone Cracks the PS3 and 360 WIDE OPEN so that everyone and their grandparents can download the games... so Developers can stfu .. and continue developing for the PC or for nothing at all.

frostypants2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

"I hate that developers even think this way."

What? That they acknowledge reality?

And your logic is ridiculous. Basically, you're saying piracy is rampant on the PC, and that you have no problem with that and in fact do it yourself, and that the REAL problem is that people DON'T pirate enough on you hope piracy becomes a huge problem on consoles so developers pay more attention to the PC again?

You belong in prison.

You want developers to "stfu"? You have no right to make demands, seeing as you steal from them.

CombineElite2819d ago

is that PC gaming is so HUGE that it has so many different aspects to it than just main stream games.

The so called "Niche Market" is the PC greatest strength.

The point is that console gaming is main stream every day gaming where as PC gaming en-composes so many types of games and gamers that games like Minecraft or Farmville would not be considered on console but are HUGE hits on PC. 84 million people play Farmville and Minecraft is close to 500,000 units sold with ZERO advertisement.

Some developers like this one just lack the foresight to adjust to how the PC gaming market has changed.
Tell Blizzard or Valve or Bioware or Sid Meier that PC gaming is dying and they will Laugh in your face.
There are over 220 Million online PC gamers, AMD has sold over 25 million DX11 video cards in 1 year, Online Poker by itself is a billion dollar industry. Growth and more growth not growth and decline (well decline in crappy game and console ports).

PC gaming is way more than how many units of Medal of Honor were sold as such a bland game doesn't cut it on the PC anymore and some developers use Piracy or the PC is dead to bullcrap their way from just admitting they made a crappy game for the PC.

Now a days you can't just make a console game, port it to the PC, and expect it to sell 5 million copies because it's not gonna work. You need to design a PC game from the ground up for a specific PC audience and stay in contact with your PC community to be successful like the developers mentioned above.

Pandamobile2820d ago

God damn it Cevat, Crysis sold 3 million copies and turned a nice profit, why do you want so much more :|

Letros2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

I don't think he is far off, but that doesn't mean quality will go down, take a look at FireFall, a f2p online shooter based on the Offset Engine.

PC is and always has been an online gaming platform, the vast majority of the top sellers on Steam are games with a strong multiplayer component, and then you have World of Warcraft bringing Activision-Blizzard 70% of their profits even with the Call of Duty juggernaut.

Also, it doesn't take an AAA budget to make a quality multiplayer game, Red Orchestra proves that, and their follow up Red Orchestra 2 will be a huge hit because they are focusing on making a game people want.

In conclusion, I'm not too worried about where PC gaming is heading, it's evolved a lot from when I started in 1994, it's been a great ride even with the occasional console hiccups, even today its very unique and offers the most variety of any platform.

I'm not going to limit myself to just PC however, PS3 has had some great games in the past few years that you'd never really find on PC(God of War), I suppose it's good to have them all.

ohdavey2819d ago

PC gaming is here to stay. No gaming console can ever replace PC gaming. Nuff' said!