The Top 10 Ninjas from ScrewAttack

Ninja Gaiden, Mortal Kombat, MGS & more in the top ten ninjas video:

The debate that has raged on for ages comes to a close right now with ScrewAttack's list of the top stealth assassins. Where does your favorite rank?

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MK_Red4123d ago

I think they should have chosen both Sub-zero and Scorpion and then given a not to Ermac and Noob-Saibot.
Still, can't argue much with their choices.

MK_Red4123d ago

It's really hard to choose between two legends, Grey Fox and Ryu... I really loved Grey Fox's part when ScrewAttack dudes zip it and let the Ninja himself do the talking (killing). The best ScrewAttack moment IMO.

I personally worship Grey Fox and love him way more but he doesn't have his own game and is more of a cyborg ninja. Still, Grey Fox RULES.

Fighter4123d ago

I played most of those games on the list but Kung Fu on the NES brings back a lot of fond memories. It wasn't as glorious as the arcade version but it was still fun.

MK_Red4123d ago

I think they should have included Tenchu's Rikimaru. The original PSone Tenchu games were a blast.

BloodySinner4123d ago

Naturally, Ryu Hayabusa comes on top!!

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