Killzone 3 Beta Impressions [Game Rant]

Anthony Taormina of Game Rant writes, "This past Monday, 10,000 lucky PlayStation Plus members (5,000 from North America and 5,000 from the UK) got their hands on the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta. For many players, Killzone 2′s multiplayer was an engaging experience that ultimately fell short of being great. Having taken many notes taken from the previous game, was Guerrilla Games able to improve the multiplayer experience for Killzone 3 without creating new problems for themselves? Read on to find out."

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-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Have to agree on controls, it sadly rips the unique feel of Killzone completely out.

I think GG took one step forward and two steps back here.

It's good that the game is more responsive, but they shouldn't have removed the recoil and added aim assist. Damage is incredibly low too, I hate how quick you can kill enemies.

The controls now feel floaty, GG needs to be able to continue finding that sweet spot

With low damage like this people don't bother much with headshots. The LMG and Sniper Rifle specifically are an exploit of this. Sniping is STILL one hit kill anywhere on the body and that is just unacceptable. And the LMG, with its lack of recoil guarantees easy kills from any distance. Both the SMG and the LMG can kill easily at mid-long range, and it shouldn't happen.

Too many times am I dropping dead from an LMG player from far away. It's not even that they are skilled, you can go full-auto at a good distance and expect to kill in 2-3 shots.

It's fundamentally opposite to what K2 was and I'm seeing many frustrated K2 fans feeling short-changed.

The people that complained about controls did not stay long enough to play the game after the patch. Post patch K2 was more responsive while managing to feel heavy. Now they took it too far and either need to bring it back down or continue adjusting.

Luckily the game is a long way off but I hope to see a second beta addressing the issues.

gtamike2792d ago

Control fix is good not bad -_-

-Alpha2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Removal of recoil, extra bullet damage, and aim assist do not equate to fixed controls in Killzone's case.

I think K2 had a good feel, though a few problems. I just feel that K3 went a little too far, that's all.

Do you have the beta by the way? As a matter of fact, for everybody disagreeing above, do you guys have the beta too? How many honestly like the change in core mechanics of K3 over K2?


I am in the beta. Really, I don't expect much from this community anyway, people would much rather act as if the game is "SO AWESOME AND PERFECT!" rather than openly criticize anything around here.

And it's funny-- when K2 came out people were quick to say "This is unique, learn to adapt, this isn't COD"

And now it's a 180 "I always liked tighter gameplay, this is better" etc.

Same crap with Resistance. Only after the devs decide to change their mind does everybody else follow.

morganfell2792d ago

Exactly. It's a happy medium. there is still sway and weight. I am sitting with my speed cranked at 70% and it's been great. You have to laugh at complainers that haven't been in the beta.

Panthers2792d ago

I like tighter controls. I also like how people drop really fast. I have always like 2-3 shots to kill and 1 sniper shot

raztad2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I enjoyed KZ2 a lot but the game has a too step learning curve and that put most people off.

KZ3 controls faster and tighter and still preserves some weighty feeling. I hope GG doesnt change it.

If weapons accuracy is toned down a bit + a little more recoil (not overboard pls) I think the game combat would be perfect. Everybody starts with very low health but with armor skill is perfect.

Elitist hardcore KZ2 veterans cant expect KZ3 to be a game only for them. More people wants to enjoy KZ and this is Sony/GG chance of having a real FPS blockbuster.

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Takoulya2792d ago

I agree. After I heard that they added aim assist, I was extremely disappointed. The lack or recoil is also a big turn off. Killzone was meant for the real FPS gamers who actually had the skills to handle realistic aspects. I believe GG really went overboard with the casual idea.

PshycoNinja2792d ago

I have been playing the beta for 2 days now and there is no aim assist. If there is its not noticable. The only weapons that have a lot of aim assist to where it's noticable are the turretts on Corinth Highway.

TKCMuzzer2792d ago

Where did you hear that, if it has it then it does not work for me. I'm sick of people ditching things they have not played. The beta is great and the game will be great. The tweaks are all good.

thor2792d ago

KZ1 had a beta and everyone thought it was great.

Then after it released everyone complained.

I am not sure that a beta will help out here, and I'm pretty sure that many people will hold a different opinion to you.

trancefreak2792d ago

Yes it will the beta forums has been all over this issue and many more. People want more recoil and no auto snap and a tad more kz2 weight.

I dont get much time to play so I started trying corinth hwy in bot mode cause the f'n map is huge. there is so much rubble you can get down in and its hard to see players from a far which is cool without spot and mark.

I love the auto silinced pistol as a secondary weapon and the shotgun with the sight glass.

LordMarius2792d ago

lower down the sensitivity and you get some of that weight back, leveling up highers your health too. But its still a far cry to how KZ2 plays

HeavenlySnipes2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

What I loved about KZ2 was the satisfaction you get when you outgun a guy. Why? BECAUSE IT WAS CHALLENGING. now it seems like whoever shoots first will win the fight. If they nerf the guns to make body shots require more bullets and increase THE F'N RECOIL the game will look and feel more Killzone. Honestly guys, watch a KZ3 beta vid. How many people have you seen crouch and burst fire to mantain accuracy? None. They're turning this game into BFBC 2 and MW2. Not nececesarily bad but I played Killzone over those games for a reason.


PshycoNinja2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

its still hard to shoot people. Ya you dont have to crouch as much (marksmen need to actually shoot people) but its still a challenge. But your right about bullet damage, people die a lot faster...... I die a lot faster.

Edit: Dont get me wrong, killing people in KZ3 is a lot more satisfying than it was in KZ2. They just die a lot faster. It's more satisfying because of jetpacks, mechs, etc. And I was the one against vehicles in the first place.

Takoulya2792d ago

That's exactly my point. What's the point of competitive multiplayer without having the satisfaction of getting kills?

HeavenlySnipes2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Its much easier than in KZ2 isn't it? I watched like EVERY SINGLE beta vid and it seems like the LMG and SMG are WAYYYY to accurate and have little to no recoil. In fact, the LMG in KZ2 required the most skill to use because of its immense recoil. Now? It becomes everyones favourite weapon because it kills in 2 bullets and can kill at any range. I'm not saying the changes are game wreckihng but I'm certainly against the ones I pointed out above.

PshycoNinja2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

with the weapons somewhat. Aiming down the sights with the LMG helps greatly. hip fire sucks with the weapon. And I tried to shoot someone across the map on Frozen Damn with the LMG. Its damn near impossible. Trust me things like pop-up points and other things that your worried about are not a problem when your ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. Trust me the vids I saw had me concerned but when I got to playing the game it only enhanced the game.

Trust me guys, everything they put in the game IS for the better. It's still challenging, it's still hardcore, and most importantly it's still extreamely fun (esspecially Operations! OMFG it is sooo much fun).

Edit: Bubbles all used up. If you have any questions about the beta PM me and I'll answer them.

trancefreak2792d ago

im sure and hope the fix this in kz2 it was a feeling of heavy armor surrounding your body. I remember taking direct shotgun blasts with the screen going grey due to health. Now 1 shotgun burst your done.

I know another complaint is the blood drip on the screen from being shot by a friendly. The complaint is that you think its an enemy and you turn around then you actually get another surprise from the real enemy so its distracting.

TKCMuzzer2792d ago

It's still tricky, it's not as easy as COD to shoot. Plus I am good at killzone 2 but would always lose out to some laggy sod with the recoil. I find my KZ2 skills benefit me in KZ3 as the aiming still takes skill, hip shooting is no easy kill . There is recoil on the guns and it means more skill is required.

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Swiftfox2792d ago

I unfortunatly don't have access to the beta as I missed all promotions on it.

However, I can understand such conserns and I can understand your arguments.

I also enjoyed the heavy feel of Killzone 2 as it set the game apart from other free-floating shooters.

I also liked the damage required to take down an opponent in Killzone 2. If you played the game correctly and squaded-up then you could simply team fire and it was never and issue and in a one vs one battle it was the better controller of the recoil and had a better understanding of their weapon.

The headshots, however in Killzone 2, I felt were very broken. Often times you would not be aiming at the head and simply bursting at the persons chest and get the headshot. Running around the corner to spot a turrnent across the level and suddenly dropping from it's headshot on you was also very annoying and was far more luck than skill.

I'm against the move of lowering player health and upping the damage of weapons as that makes "one-man armies" more of a reality. That to me defeats the point of having a squad based shooter.

There are just so many balance issues that it will take alot of feed back to address all of them. Would love to see for myself. Thanks for the feedback by the way.

RBdrift2792d ago

Personally I love the beta,one of the few issues I'm having is the sprinting feels really jerky. Many times I'll run past enemies and wont see them because the cameras everywhere.

cyborg69712792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

I notice no aim assist alpha. My muzzle has never pulled over a target. And as for the easier kills take it for what it is I'm with you on its too easy now but that's ok for me.

The one thing I've noticed and thinks sucks is on the turbine map how the spawn points are directly opposite of each other and whoever gets one camps and gets the other one. Not giving a chance for the other team to get it.

DigitalAnalog2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

"It's good that the game is more responsive, but they shouldn't have removed the recoil and added aim assist. Damage is incredibly low too, I hate how quick you can kill enemies."

Ok, the ONLY thing they had to do with the controls is FIX the LAG issues. Not implement a new aiming system. Bring back the heavy weighted feel. And what exactly is going on with the "recoil and aim-assist" issues? Somebody give me a beta code right away because upon verification I may have to personally write a novel worth of complaints to this guys.

-End statement

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Punch-o2792d ago

I would love a control scheme similar to BF:Bc2 in Killzone 3.You won't feel like you weight a ton or floating around the map.

trancefreak2792d ago

Bad co controls rock dude in killzone 3 you still need to move your body into the shot but its much less than kz2. In bad co you can position the whole shot just from moving the gun placement turning left or right.

bviperz2792d ago

I'm still waiting for official word on whether aim-assist is indeed in the game. From what folks be saying it seems split. Some say there is and some say there isn't. It's easy to tell, aim down the rail and let go of your analog sticks (while still aiming down the rail). Wait for an enemy to pass by and if your crosshairs move without you moving your analog stick, viola! You have noob-assist. Anyone want to post video?

asmith23062792d ago

Iv been playing the beta since monday night dude and I haven't noticed any aim assist at all.

asmith23062792d ago

I have to completely disagree with Alpha Male 22 about the controls. The controls are now perfect and it still feels like Killzone. I was a big KZ2 fan and although the controls are different in KZ3, they feel great. What makes Killzone unique for me is the look and sound of the game, not the controls. If you like KZ2 controls then go play KZ2. A lot of people ditched KZ2 because of the controls. I dont see why its a bad thing that the controls are now accessible for everyone whos ever played a FPS. All they need to do is add recoil to the guns and its sorted, the LMG is way too accurate at the moment. Am loving the beta and everyone is in for quite a surprise at how great this is in Feb.

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