Impressions - Dead Nation (

The talented folks at Housemarque first brought PS3 owners to their knees with Super Stardust HD, now they bring things down to Earth in Dead Nation. Hit the link for our impressions.

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frankymv2523d ago


avengers19782523d ago

I recently heard Dec, 7th, but this is unconfirmed

FACTUAL evidence2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )


Sounds like soundslike doesn't know shit about my personal preference in gaming. Reviews don't do it for me. I just don't really like this Top down zombie BS. BTW, is 6.5 bad in your opinion? That's still a good score.

soundslike2523d ago

calling it now: you don't buy games unless said it was 1337

thorstein2523d ago

I WAS excited when I first heard of this but Zombie Apocolypse sated my thirst. I will be skipping this now.

Tommykrem2523d ago

This game has been hyped less than Sarah Jessica Parker's sex tape!
Could someone nail a release date at least?

MGRogue20172523d ago

FFS, I want to buy it.. Hurry up & release the damn thing!! :(

DanSolo2523d ago

This game is looking good, definately gona be getting it when it drops.

Also I mentioned it on another thread, but I just watched the first episode of the new zombie tv show "The Walking Dead" (I downloaded it, but its on tv this month sometime in the states, and in the uk its on the FX channel at the same time), I wasn't sure what to expect, but its actually really good and beats most zombie movies in terms of quality easily. So if you like zombie stuff, watch it!