PCN Review: Fallout: New Vegas

It's only been a year since Fallout 3 invaded our consoles, but New Vegas is already out. Has Obsidian been able to capture the magic that made Fallout 3 so great?

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Biggunz2850d ago

I love the new fallout series but a 9 out of 10? Considering all the bugs, glitches and frame rate issues a 8/10 would be generous.

Kakihara2850d ago

I wasn't too sure about this game when I started playing it. I liked the difficulty increase but everything else felt like a step back from Fallout 3. I'd played over 9 hours before I started thinking it was as good as Fallout 3.

Now I'm about 17 hours in and loving every second of it. The amount of content and interesting little stories to get involved in is insane. I wouldn't have thought any game could top Fallout 3 for sheer amount of content but this one blows it out of the water.

Now I'm just counting down the hours until I can play again. Damn reality, keeping me away from more important things like hunting ghouls.

ps. As for the bugs. I've only had the game freeze up on me once so far. Maybe I've been lucky but that's a big improvement from my freeze every day experience of Fallout 3. All of the other glitches I've seen so far have just been funny little things like Brahmin caught half in the ground and so on.