Mazakazu Eguchi wants your help with Mega Man Legends 3 (update)

"Capcom really wants Mega Man Legends 3 to be special so they're continuously asking fans for their input. Find out how you can contribute."

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GodzillaOwns2584d ago

There'd be no way I could travel to California normally to do this but this is to good to be true. I love Capcom and their fan interactions.

halojane92584d ago

Capcom works with their fans better than anyone.

ManfredLamchop2583d ago

there really are only a couple of games out there that i'm a superfan over and megaman is definitely one of them. i have fond memeries of being a kid playing them on the nes and then snes playstation one etc. how come more companies dont take chances with their fans like capcom? are they worried or something? thank you capcom for being cooler than the rest.

KellyKellyWWE202582d ago

That'll be the day. *crossing fingers*

Sun_e2584d ago

I agree with you. They do more for their fans then anybody.

Gue12584d ago

If Capcom really cared about their fans this game wouldn't be on handhelds, a MegaMan X9 game would be in production and X would be in MvsC3 and lame characters like MoDoK out!

WiiRemotes22584d ago

I agree with you on the MODOK thing but 3DS looks like it'll be a sick platform and who knows maybe MMX9 will come out!

allysaurus872584d ago

I think they care (after all they did give us Street Fighter IV).

simmies2584d ago

I love the old mega man games..hopefully it lives up to it's name!!

OldSchoolGamer32583d ago

The Mega Man series is a golden one in gaming history and it really deserves a good new game and one that's not a part of the Battle Network games because they're just not "Mega Man" enough for most fans I think. Good for Capcom going all out with this one by seeking fan support.

SurfnUSA2582d ago

I hope Keiji Inafune will still be involved. :( Probably some wishful thinking though.

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The story is too old to be commented.