Court Bans Accused PAX Code Thief From Xbox Live, Takes His PC

Accused Penny Arcade Expo code thief Justin D. May was placed on a pre-trial probation this week which includes conditions that he stay in school, forfeit his computer and stay off Xbox Live, court officials tell Kotaku.

May, 21, was arrested on Sunday, March 28, after representatives from developer Atomic Games say they caught him attempting to download the source code for the game Breach onto his laptop. Atomic officials estimated that the code was worth more than $6 million.

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rroded2645d ago

lol so if he does no live n stays in school for 18 months he walks scott free. good deal imo

jus dont get a ps3 we got nough hackers now :(

Genecalypse2644d ago

Breach? What game is that

TroyAndAbed2644d ago


He's a larger Kirk Cameron...

AlienFodder2644d ago

LOL! Here I was, trying to find which actor he reminded me of and then, boom, I read your comment. Thanks! :D

KillerPwned2644d ago

Wow this kid got a slap on the wrist

AssassinHD2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Oh I am sure he will break his probation condition. He was stupid enough to try to steal something in a well-lit, crowded environment. I am sure he will be stupid enough to go back to trial.

Scenarist2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

Yea he got a slap on the wrist...

Could have been smart enough to assume what the worst is that could happen and what are the chances of THAT happening.... I mean its white collar crime..

I respect him for the balls to make an attempt in such a daring scenario,
I mean after all , he could have gotten away easy if no one perceived his actions as thievery , he failed at making himself look innocent and harmless ... that is all.
He probably lacked the awareness of what it would have taken to pull it off in the first place... which still places him under the category of fool or stupid
for attempting it

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