Ten of the Cheesiest/Creepiest Video Game Covers

GameXplain Writes: "How do gamers choose which scary games to play? Usually, it's by the cover art, which tends to be a good indicator of whether a game is actually scary. Some work, some don't, but all try to show off just what kind of game is in store for the gamer. Usually, these covers fall into one of two categories: cheesy or creepy. After spending days scouring cover art for some of the best examples, here are ten of the cheesiest and creepiest video game covers out there."

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bearsfaan2822d ago

The Twisted Metal cover is awesome. Nothing cheesy about it!

Areeb112821d ago

it's in the 'creepy' section of the list

Theparanerds2822d ago

the condemned one is pretty creepy i think

TroyAndAbed2822d ago


They definitely missed the creepiest.

asyouburn2822d ago

to describe how awesome that is. . .

SeraphimBlade2822d ago

Deadly Premonition for creepiness. Though the game itself is full of cheesy awesome.

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