Collectibles and why Donkey Kong Country is the best of the best

GGTL: "Collectibles have been a mainstay in the video gaming world for some time now. With such high-profile titles like Grand Theft Auto IV and Assassin's Creed utilising them, it has practically become a necessity to include some type of collectible if you want a game to achieve greatness. However, contemporary collectibles and bonuses are all mostly failures, and quite frankly that’s because to this day there still hasn't been a title that's done collectibles better than the Donkey Kong Country series."

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infestedandy2855d ago

Donkey Kong Country really was the best thing to come out of the old Rare. I hope the new one is good but from what I've seen, I doubt that it'll hold to the name.

As far as collectibles go, I really do enjoy how it was setup and I don't understand why companies don't follow in this format.