The Dark Knight Rises is the official title of Batman 3, But what about the video game? So that’s it, after years of speculation Nolan has finally given us some info on Batman 3. First of all we can all stop calling it that, the movie has been given an official title of The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan was also quick to dismiss the spiraling Riddler rumors that have been attached to the sequel by confirming he will not be making an appearance. When questioned about the identity of the main villain Nolan wasn’t giving much away other than “It won’t be The Riddler”

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3nd3rth32671d ago

No chance against Arkham City

HarryBarry2671d ago

But what if Rocksteady were asked to develop it?

3nd3rth32671d ago

They'd probably skip it and focus on the sequel to Arkham City. Games out of movies just suck all around - you don't make one unless you are money hungry. That's my take at least.

milohighclub2670d ago

rocksteady should do the best bits from the 3 films and turn them in to one awesome game!!!! i think they would pull it off!!!

NecrumSlavery2670d ago

No, we saw what happens when you take a good idea and force the movie IP on it. We get XMEN Origins Wolverine, a mediocre game that lacks everything the game was supposed to have when it was an original title.

DarkBlood2671d ago

yeah but is there enough in the movie to consider making it a game without turning it into a comic filling the pieces that are not present in the movie therefor not in the game?

shit son i just confused my self with that question o.o

HarryBarry2671d ago

Good point, I'm sure there will be a few action sequences that they could exaggerate and expand on. They could always use sub-plots and base some of the gameplay on events not shown in the movie. Also keep in mind most movie game tie-ins aren't well known for their length.

HarryBarry2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Pandemic EA were apparently working on TDK video-game before it got canned.

TheBand1t2670d ago

I'd rather just play Arkham City.

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