MS increases UK Kinect launch shipment

Due to increased demand MS seems to have allocated more Kinects to the UKs biggest game retailer, who was previously sold out to help meet launch demand.

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niceguywii602609d ago

They do a good job getting on it. When supply is out they get more to the area/store within days.

Hades13372609d ago

I went into Game yesterday and the assistant said that they are sold out for launch. He also said they would start demoing it in-store, which is cool cause I have yet to try it myself.

diatom2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Odd that Microsoft didn't have enough faith in their own product to ensure adequate supply...

But after the Kin Phone who can blame them.

NoBUDI2608d ago

Seems to me that Disciples of the Church of Sony (or DiCS) are more concerned about Kinect and kinect sales data than even the xbots...strange aint it?

gamingdroid2608d ago

Nice spin!

Odd that a person would spin the news of an item selling out and being re-supplied is calling it a lack of faith in their product!

But being a hater, who can blame them!!!

btk2609d ago

Then why spend $500M on marketing? It is sold out.

N4GAddict2608d ago

It doesn't make any sense

NoBUDI2608d ago

The reason it is sold out IS BECAUSE they spent 500m.
The 500m campaign isn't going to start later, it started the minute they approved the 1st ad and it has been paying back

Christopher2608d ago

Because their 'initial stock' isn't intended to meet demand, only spur it by making it seem like a limited item.

mac_sparrow2608d ago

A classic strategy, and one I'm glad I don't have to suffer from now I'm out of retail.

Ahhh, the angry customers. "But I wan'IT!"

baodeus2608d ago

maybe because that is why it is sold out (massive marketting letting everyone know that it existed)?

DiRtY2608d ago

500m is NOT for 1 or 2 months. This is most likely the budget for one year.

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HuGi2609d ago

when is already sold out...

Bigpappy2609d ago

Why spend so much on adds when you don't have the stock to meet demand? I have a feeling they will not spend as much as they planed. I think they under estimated Oprah.

N4GAddict2608d ago

They should have spent more making more Kinects

DelbertGrady2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

The 500$ million is for all of 2011. I'm pretty sure they will have more in stock soon. It's a marketing trick. Makes the product seem exclusive and the demand for it bigger than it might actually be. Both Kinect and Move are sold out in most places. Sony and MS are doing a "Nintendo" in more than one way :)

Christopher2608d ago

Actually, the $500m is just for the Holiday season, which means until January. This was stated in the NYT article.

Also, the stock issues are on purpose. Limited supply versus demand only serves to get people talking about it more and when they 'miraculously' have more stock two weeks after the release it gets more people rushing to buy it for the Holiday season.

strickers2608d ago

How does Oprah affect UK supplies?It will sell well but will be weak for gaming and sold on promise and novelty.It's like a higher budget,more useful Balance Board.It will do well but anyone who real like games will tire of it quickly.I hope MS stop screwing devs just to get games,any games on it.4 competing fitness games is not good.Do you think all those devs knew about the other games when they invested in development?What about Dance games?MS back Dance Central and everyone else gets screwed but heh what do MS fans care about the health of the industry?Only MS making money matters.

Calm Down Sunshine2608d ago

Being able to label a product as "sold out" due to low stock numbers works surprisingly well for getting more sold in the long run.

Clever girl...

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