Here's your Black Ops' Multiplayer killstreaks

Sarcastic Gamer details the list of all of the Killstreaks in Call of Duty: Black ops.

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xYLeinen2038d ago

At this point I doubt there will be a single surprise in this entire game because of all these "leaks".

Maddens Raiders2037d ago

COD - the sanctuary of noobs

Beahmscream2038d ago

Uhhh didn't we already know this?

-Alpha2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Not only did we already know this, but the writer actually isn't even sure if he is right or not. Lazy article and he couldn't even get it right.

"Counter Spy Plane – Didn’t get a good look at what this does, but it seems to take out spy planes.

Fly a Cobra (not actual perk name) – You actually fly the helicopter and have a machine gun and rockets to fire on your own."

Copying and Pasting from Wikipedia would have been a better approach

GamerSigma2038d ago

Now you're just trolling.

-Alpha2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Figure of speech. What I mean is that it's common knowledge what the killstreaks are, the names, and what they do, yet this article couldn't even get a simple list right.

And here is the wiki entry:

It's been known for a long time, rendering this article not only old, but poorly done.

joydestroy2038d ago


thanks for the link man

GamerSigma2038d ago

There's all kinds of new info in the SG Post that isn't in your link.

cyberwaffles2038d ago

he also thought being able to change the placement of the turret was a new feature. i think you could do it in MW2 if i remember correctly.

writersblock2038d ago

sigmas just angry his news is irrelivant

Millah2038d ago

Lol @ SG updating his post now and thanking Alpha-Male22 for the link.

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GamerSigma2038d ago

A full list of killstreaks? I dont think so.

Jack-Pyro2038d ago

God your stupid

The Killstreaks have been known for awhile now, hell, several sites have posted videos on what they do and how they look.

The wikia has had this info for WEEKS, and to top it all off, your article is poorly written. I mean geeze, do you research or something.

PhantomT14122038d ago

Full killstreak list was revealed before the leaks. During the big multiplayer event for the press in September, they had access to it.

ddurand12038d ago

ive seen this list probably 5 times now.

ddurand12038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

you can find it on your own, it shouldnt be hard. Im not wasting my time looking for that. This is the only site I come to for gaming news besides joystiq.

It has been posted here numerous times.

dkblackhawk502038d ago

Alpha is our savior and GamerSigma should just ditch sarcasticrapper

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GamerSigma2038d ago

There's all kinds of new info in the SG post that isn't in the wiki or the older N4G post.

ddurand12038d ago

its nothing that hasn't been posted before.....

belal2038d ago

that one killstreak where you get a gattling gun.

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The story is too old to be commented.