RockStar Increases its Offering With Grand Theft Auto Complete

Rockstar Games, today announced that Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system is now available in North America at retail stores everywhere.

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BigKev452851d ago

Just bring me GTA V already dam it!

TheLastGuardian2851d ago

GTA V and GTA collection with GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas on one disc in HD with trophies/acheivements.

seinfan2851d ago

With Move? No. What a silly option.
3D? Meh. Kind of a waste.

r1sh122851d ago

I really dont care about GTA IV these days.
The add ons were good in terms of single player, I didnt like the way the characters ran..
I just want GTA V!!!

NecrumSlavery2851d ago

This is silly. It's on DVD9 so you still need to download the content to your HDD and have multiple discs. Why not buy both for dirt cheap off amazon?

trainsinrdr2851d ago

whos on the poster this time just curious if anyone knows

TheLastGuardian2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

Here's the boxart. While were on the subject of GTA IV I just want to say GTA IV is overrated by games journalists but underrated by most gamers. Too much hype and praise for a game can cause people to hate that game because it's not as good as some make it out to be. GTA IV and the Episodes make for an amazing trilogy that doesn't get the credit it deserves on this site.

vgcgames2851d ago

not sure whose the new poster boy, maybe Niko

Nihilism2851d ago

Rofl, man people are sp eager to buy two copies of the same game these days, half the people that buy it probably already own the vanilla game + DLC's...shouldn't you like...but a new game?

DelbertGrady2851d ago

The same applies for people who are overly excited about re-purchasing higher resolution versions of games that they already beat two years ago.

Imperator2850d ago

Dude, it's completely different. These games we've already played EXACTLY as they are. The HD remakes are both cheaper (plus it's bundles of 2-3 games each) and remastered. Why wouldn't you want that? You get to play some of the best games from last generation with new life in them. And it's pretty cheap as well.

Rahim922851d ago

I thought at first that Rockstar was gonna release a GTA trilogy pack for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Oh well....

Munky_VIII2851d ago

Same, you read 'RockStar Increases its Offering With Grand Theft Auto Complete' and then look at the picture you see VC, SA, GTA III... and then find out out its got nothing to do with any GTA's other than IV :P

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